Businesses make Rockton-Roscoe News thrive and vice versa


Editor Michael McGinnis at work. He is more sociable than he looks.

For 185 years, Rockton and Roscoe had various news outlets of various kinds, especially the Rockton Herald, but at Rockton-Roscoe News, we're trying to make a few improvements. For one thing, we are the first local news outlet to publish daily since Stephen Mack settled here, and we focus only on Rockton and Roscoe. We also happen to be the only nearby news outlet that is still locally owned. Maybe that's why we have more local news than anyone else. People seem to appreciate the fact that Rockton-Roscoe News is run by Roscoe residents, not by out-of-state corporations. Our star reporter Jean Seegers has been covering the Stateline area for 20 years. Rockton-Roscoe News usually gets about 2,000 pageviews a week, meaning that's how often someone reads one of our articles in a given week and how often advertisements are displayed.

By advertising in Rockton-Roscoe News, businesses get noticed precisely where their customers are - in Rockton and Roscoe - because that's where virtually all our readers are. We don't force a package deal on you that includes other communities where you don't really do business. No other media is more local than us - we're hyperlocal. That saves you money.

Since we're online only, we can offer precision advertising too. When our readers click on your online ads, they will go to the precise web page that you have chosen. (As you've noticed, customers can't click on print or radio ads.) Offers and artwork can be changed as often as you like, at no extra charge and with no waiting.  If a restaurant runs out of the shrimp special one evening, the manager can type on her cellphone and change the ad to link to the steak special instead. All our daily email subscribers have opted in to receive our newsletter, so these emails get opened about 36% of the time - much better than the industry average, they say.

If you like, we can help you create advertising graphics (what customers click on) and landing pages (where customers go when they click).

Ad sizes are 300 x 250 pixels (7:5 image ratio, from $25 a month), 728 x 90px ($175 a month on web, $150 in email), or 1200 x 310px ($300 a month on web, $225 in email). You can advertise on the website, in the email newsletter, or both.

We also offer group discounts and special rates. Business members of elev815 are eligible for a $50 discount each month. Another option is sponsored content. For example, you could feature a "House of the Week" if you're a realtor. 

For advertising questions, contact Richard Sands, 607-765-4000‬ or [email protected].

Besides advertising, as a donor you can support our work at any level, including one-time gifts or larger monthly contributions. You can give online or write a check. By registering for a free account, you can add community events, post announcements, or just share your opinion. For questions, suggestions, or more information on how you can support Rockton-Roscoe News, call 608-728-8318 or email [email protected].

More than ever, Rockton-Roscoe News depends on our local communities for help as we expand our coverage and our contributors.  Advertising your business in Rockton-Roscoe News benefits everyone.

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