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We have no paywall on our website (your customers can read every article even if they haven't donated a cent) and subscriptions to our daily email newsletter are free. Anyone in the Rockton-Roscoe area can register on our website to post an event, a comment, opinion, local alert, question, news tip, classified ad, lost & found, or recommendation. Add a photo or image! All ads and posts are subject to our Terms of Service.

Rockton-Roscoe News is supported both by contributions from our readers (as little as $5 a month) and from advertising. Wouldn't your business benefit from a leaderboard ad, a standard ad, a sponsor notice, a featured event, or sponsored content? Keep reading.

You can advertise on the website, in the daily email newsletter, or both.  

Ad sizes in the newsletter are:

  • Leaderboard ads - 1200 x 310 pixels ($125 a month)
  • Medium rectangle ad (MPU) - 300 x 250 pixels ($100 a month)

Ad sizes on the website are:

  • Leaderboard ads - 1200 x 310 pixels ($200 a month)
  • Standard banner ads - 728 x 90 pixels ($175 a month)
  • Medium rectangle ad (mobile) - 300 x 250 pixels (included)

The medium rectangle size (MPU) is also used in narrow formats/mobile views for leaderboard and banner ad packages, so we build those ads in two sizes at no extra charge.

Members of elev815 are eligible for even deeper discounts. For a single priceyour ad will appear both on the website and in the email newsletter: $150 a month for leaderboard ads and $125 a month for banner ads.

You can view an image gallery showing all the ad sizes and placements at the bottom of the expanded version of this article.

For more information about advertising, contact us at 815-408-0140 or

We get you noticed precisely where your customers are - in Rockton, Roscoe, and South Beloit - because that's where virtually all our readers are. If you want to advertise in Rockton and Roscoe, we don't force Delavan or Freeport on you. No other media is more local than us - we're hyperlocal. That saves you money.

We do precision advertising too. When our readers click on your online ads, they will see your precise offer or call to action. (As you've noticed, customers can't click on print or radio ads to reach your website.) All our daily email subscribers have opted in to receive our newsletter, so they expect and want it.

If you like, we can help you create advertising graphics (what customers click on) and landing pages (where customers go when they click). If you want, you can manage your own ads, which allows you to change your graphics and landing page whenever you want.

 Ads appear in different sizes depending on the size of the screen. Basically, that means a narrower version of the ad appears on mobile phones, so we design two sizes for each ad.

Ad positions rotate among all the advertisers. So except for the leaderboard, no ad always appears at the top or the bottom. They take turns. For example, when people read an article, they see one leaderboard ad at a time, at the top of the screen. They see one of the standard banner ads in a random order. When they read the next article, a different leaderboard ad may appear and they may see another standard ad. But when it's not a leaderboard ad's turn to be displayed at the top of the page, a smaller version of that ad may appear in the two slots below the web calendar.

We also offer group discounts and special rates, as well as sponsored content. For example, if you're a realtor, you could feature a "House of the Week." You can even manage your own ads online, changing them whenever you want. 

For advertising questions, contact us at 815-408-0140 or

Note: if you need to place a public notice/legal notice, by law it must be published in a print newspaper (made from trees), such as The Herald, so you should email them at or call them at 815-654-4850 to place those ads. We would be happy to publish them too, at no charge.

Special Newspaper Ad Prices and Sizes

Full page: $500 - 10" x 14"

1/2 page: $300 - 5" x 14" or 10" x 7"

1/4 page: $150 - 5" x 7" or 10" x 3.5"

1/8 page: $100 - 2.5" x 7" or 5 x 3.5"

1/16 page: $50 - 2.5" x 3.5" or 5" x 1.75"

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