Construction could begin next week on townhome development on Roscoe Road


Artist's depiction of a White Oak Townhomes three-family building, from Advanced House Plans

Construction in preparation for a controversial multi-family development on Roscoe Road might begin as soon as Monday, August 7, 2023. Approval of Plat 6 of the townhome development is still the subject of a lawsuit against the Village of Roscoe, but trustees approved Plat 5 in April 2022. The development is planned for Roscoe Road and Old River Road. The Village of Roscoe provided us with the complete drawings for Plat 5 [PDF] and Plat 6.

The Village of Roscoe announced on Facebook on Aug. 4, 2023:

We want to inform you of upcoming construction activity associated with the development of Hawks Pointe Plat 5. Plat 5 represents the eastern most 5.42 acres of the undeveloped land at the south-east corner of Roscoe and Old River roads.

The Developer, White Oak Trust, rezoned the property from Commercial to Multi-Family Residential in 2022. Construction activity will commence as early as Monday August 7, 2023. Plat 5 will include a widening of Roscoe Road to accommodate the inclusion of a new left turn lane, an extension of Hawks Pointe Trail north to Roscoe Road, grading for the detention basins, installation of public utilities, sidewalks, landscaping, and construction of seven buildings.

The anticipated project schedule will involve several weeks of earth work and utility installation with the widening of Roscoe Road scheduled to begin in October, followed by extension of Hawks Pointe Trail. Building construction will proceed only after all roadway work has been completed.

The developer has obtained the necessary approvals and permits from the IEPA, Four Rivers Sanitation Authority, North Park Public Water Supply, and the Winnebago County Highway Department.

Please feel free to contact Scott Sanders at the Village of Roscoe if you have any questions or comments.

Besides the extension of Hawks Pointe Trail, the drawings for Plat 5 [PDF] include a new street, Sparrow Lane, running east to Hawks Pointe Trail parallel to Goosedown Drive. The drawings show seven lots, numbers 172-178, with landscaping plans, floor plans, front, side, and rear views of 4 unit and 3 unit models [PDF], as well as 2+1 and 2 x 2 unit models [PDF].

Plat 6 [PDF] was tentatively approved in 2022 but Village trustees rescinded final approval at their May 2, 2023 meeting. That led to the lawsuit. Larger than Plat 5, it would include twelve lots, numbers 179-191, and the rest of Sparrow Lane running west to Old River Road.

Three-family units for The Townhomes of White Oak
Four-family units

Click, tap, swipe on the image below to view the complete drawings from Hawks Pointe Plat 5, the first part of the Townhomes of White Oak.

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