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Roscoe PTO Cupid Bingo

Cupid Bingo: it's not a new reality show dating game, nor is it a hot new slot machine game at Louie’s Tap House.

Roscoe PTO Cupid Bingo

What it was was a fun family event put on by the Roscoe PTO last Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023, at Roscoe Middle School. Over 100 people, both kids and adults, attended the event. For $5 you got a packet of bingo cards, with extra chances to purchase special game cards for wonderful baskets donated by many, many local businesses.

Kids Spot Roscoe, IL

Before the Bingo calling took place, the kids walked around the gym looking at all the prizes available to them if they won a game. I heard many kids say they wanted the goodies from By the Dozen Bakery or to get the stuff from Kids Spot. The adults wanted the baskets that were speciality curated for this event. One of the many cool items in them was a gift certificate from Pietro’s Pizzeria.

Pietros Pizzeria Roscoe, IL
By the Dozen

My son had his eyes set on a soccer basket that included a new neon soccer ball and a certificate to sign-up for the Bruce Samlan Soccer League.

Bruce Samlan Soccer League Roscoe, IL

We began to hear the numbers called: B12, I25, N45, O74, G53, N41, B9, B6, B15, O70. Then BINGO gets called. A loud audible is heard throughout the gym. Again, over and over, numbers are called and BINGO is yelled so it can be heard. 

Finally after a short break, the final set of games are called. Meanwhile my 11 year old son looks at me like, "Come on Dad, find some luck somewhere." I look back at him like I'm Chevy Chase from Christmas Vacation

Then something of a miracle happens for me - with BINGO I go on a streak of four numbers in a row. Then another number on my card. I'm just waiting for one number -OMG, is this really going to happen? Then a number is called, and another number. I look at my phone to see what is happening on Twitter. My son then says, "Dad..." and I snap back into playing BINGO mode. They called - finally - our number G50 and the wait was over: BINGO, BINGO. My son couldn’t have ran up to collect his/our prize quick enough.

After all games finally ended and all prizes were given out, a group of parents and kids helped to clean up the gym. Everyone left feeling like this wonderful event might become a yearly event to attend. 

Roscoe PTO Cupid Bingo

Thank you, Roscoe PTO,  for making me the coolest dad, at least for a minute, and allowing my family to get back to what's most important - our time together. 

The next event put on by the Roscoe PTO is the April 16th Mother/Son event. Follow the Roscoe PTO on their Facebook page for the latest and greatest information or check out the Roscoe PTO website here.

Roscoe PTO Cupid Bingo
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