Owner of R&L Ceramics announces retirement


One thing that Linda Littlejohn always wondered throughout her career was if she would know when it was time to retire. After 43 years of owning and operating her ceramics studio, R&L Ceramics, located at 10697 Main Street in Roscoe, she knew that now is the time. 

As previously reported last year by the Rockton-Roscoe News team’s Jean Seegers, Linda underwent a lengthy recovery from injuries sustained from a fall off of a ladder during the complete expansion/renovation of the ceramics studio. 

Linda says that as much as she would like to continue running the business and the classes, her body isn't physically capable anymore. The physical limitations, along with dealing with mental stress after the COVID-19 pandemic, and remodeling, were signs that it was time for this chapter in her life to come to a close. 

After more than four decades of dedicating her life to her business, Linda says, “I’m ready to enjoy life.”

Now that she is retiring, enjoying life is exactly what she intends to do. Linda bought a travel trailer to go on adventures with her two rescue dogs, Sadie and Jack. She is no stranger to acquiring hobbies, as she tries out a new one every year. Some of her hobbies include gardening, weaving, staining glass, embroidering, quilting, paper and vinyl work, golfing, woodworking, and welding. She is looking forward to having time to work in her flowerbeds the most. 

Linda still plans to make ceramics to an extent. She has two kilns to proceed with some ongoing production that she will do at home. She will also continue making salt and pepper shakers for the National Salt and Pepper Association, which holds a convention in a new state every year. 

These salt and pepper shakers were created by Linda Littlejohn for the 2023 National Salt and Pepper Convention. This year’s convention was held in the state of Illinois. 

While reflecting on her career and accomplishments, Linda said that she grew so much with her business that she often surprised herself with what she was capable of. Her largest order was a production job for 250,000 pieces. She has shipped her finished works all over the world and has taught over 15,000 classes to people of all ages. 

Linda Littlejohn with one of her ceramic creations

“The goal was to make R&L a place where people can relax and learn, and for everybody’s piece to be something that they're proud of.” 

When asked what advice she’d give to new or aspiring business owners, Linda replied, “Put 150% of everything you have into building a reputation. Don't worry about competition. Focus on what is going on in your four walls and don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't do something. When anyone ever told me that, it just made me want to prove them wrong.” 

Classes at R&L Ceramics will continue and Linda will remain working at the studio until the sale of the building is finalized.

For Linda, the most difficult part of retiring will be how much she will miss all of the people she's met, taught, and worked with over the years. She says, “I would like to thank all of the wonderful people that have come to my classes. I am thankful to every person that has walked through that door. We’ve become a family and that is what I’ll miss the most.” 


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