What to know about Roscoe trustee candidate Jay Durstock


Jay Durstock

Jay Durstock has worked for over 20 years as the chairman of the Village of Roscoe Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). Prior to this, when he lived in Rockford, he was appointed to the Rockford Zoning Board of Appeals.

Durstock says, "Through these experiences, I have been exposed to all branches of zoning issues for a midsized community. The Board has resolved, in a majority of the time, issues to the satisfaction of zoning applicants and has kept the integrity of the Roscoe community."

On April 4, Durstock is running for the Village of Roscoe Board of Trustees, on a shared ticket with Mark Szula, Anthony Keene, and Mike Dunn.

Durstock's leadership of Roscoe's Zoning Board of Appeals could become an issue in the election. The vast majority of their decisions are routine and unpopular decisions are actually very rare. But a 2022 decision proved controversial: recommending the Village of Roscoe approve the rezoning request that is expected to turn a cornfield on Roscoe Road into the multi-family Townhomes of White Oak in the Hawks Pointe subdivision. The property is owned by Josh Petry.

Many Hawks Pointe residents objected to the development, including Durstock's opponents William Babcock and Mike Wright. Some flatly said that trustees should never vote for any project that's opposed by their constituents.

Durstock's response: "Yes, the first concern is the constituents' needs and wants, and will always be."

However, Durstock explains that since the Zoning Board of Appeals is supposed to be impartial, it doesn't have constituents. An appointed member of the Zoning Board is required to act differently than an elected official, or else it would be a conflict of interest. "The Zoning Board of Appeals has no authority to legally change zoning classifications. Mr. Petry as a land owner deserves to be heard and his request considered by the Village Board."

But Durstock stresses, "As an elected official I will have constituents and their voices will be heard and I will represent them."

Durstock is a retired sales representative for Rockford Autoglass. He studied at Rock Valley College. He says, "After working over 40 years in the glass industry, I have retired and feel I have more time to devote to the community. My Roscoe zoning position has heightened my interest in community involvement."

"I feel there are so many things that are great in our area, and I hope to keep moving forward with the gains we have made. Crime is becoming more of a concern and I will make sure our first responders are not defunded and instead supported."

Durstock and his family have lived in Roscoe for over 20 years. "We moved here because of the wonderful school district and the education our children would receive. That decision has proven to be an excellent one for us. Living in the area, for so many years, has given me the knowledge of what our community wants and expects."

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