Local history: taking the train from Roscoe to Harlem


Harlem Village train depot

Allie Dodge McCurry (1875-1962, Roscoe) wrote of taking the train from Roscoe to Harlem Village, which was quite a little community in the late 1800s/early 1900s. People got around the area quite easily thanks to transportation that was available then! Trains ran regularly from Rockton and Roscoe to Rockford, Beloit, and on to Chicago and Madison.

Editors note: Harlem Village was founded by farmers from Harlem, New York, who moved west before the Civil War , after which Harlem boomed with an influx of poor Italians and Jews from New York City. Originally located near Alpine and Harlem Roads, in 1859 the community moved east to be near the Kenosha Railroad, which ran between Chicago and Kenosha - as many as ten trains a day - until 1937. Loves Park annexed Harlem Village in 1982. In 2013, Woodward bought part of the land where the village had stood.

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Harlem Village train depot
Harlem Village train depot
The 1911 train wreck near the Harlem depot
This memorial at Forest Hills and Harlem Roads recalls the once busy little Harlem Village that existed in that area. The monument was placed by the City of Loves Park a few years ago.
Visiting Ho-No-Ne-Gah Park
South Beloit Turtle Creek Railway
Allie Dodge, circa 1888, 8th grade graduation
Alice “Allie” Dodge (McCurry) as a young woman
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