How to put your Christmas greeting in Rockton-Roscoe News


This year, you can have your Christmas greeting published for free in Rockton-Roscoe News. We can also publish your picture, if you like.

As we did during the Rockton Christmas Walk, our staff will be receiving your Christmas greetings at our table in the Harlem-Roscoe Fire Station during Saturday's Hometown Holiday Celebration in Roscoe and publishing them live, while you wait. Tell us what you want to say, we'll type it up, and publish it online at

    You can also email your greetings to or text them to 608-728-8318.

    You can read the several greetings we published  during the Rockton Christmas Walk. We don't know what greetings we'll be getting on Saturday in Roscoe, but here are some guesses:

    • Christopher sends holiday greetings to Mason and Sophia and their teachers at Stone Creek Elementary School and to all his team on the road crew.
    • David sends Christmas greetings to his mom in Owen Township and says of course he knew all along that his snowboots were behind the furnace, but thank you anyway.
    • Merry Christmas to grandma and grandpa from Emma in Roscoe, who says, "You can open the littlest present first if you let me have some too."

    Come by our table at the Fire Station and you can tell all your family and friends that you'll be "in the paper" at (Though they can also visit - that will also work.) To make sure they don't miss seeing your name (or their name), they can subscribe for free to our newsletter. Subscribers get a daily email with updates from Rockton, Roscoe, and the Rockton Christmas Walk (or whatever else is happening at the time.) Or you can subscribe yourself and forward the email to them. There will also be links on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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