Interview: Mark Szula, Roscoe Village President, running for State Representative


Mark Szula

We spoke with Mark W. Szula, the current Roscoe Village President, who is running for State Representative in Illinois Legislative District 90. The newly-redrawn district includes Roscoe, Rockton, South Beloit, Javon Bea Hospital, MercyHealth SportsScore One and Two, Durand, Freeport, and northwest Poplar Grove.

Szula is in contention for the seat against former State Representative John Cabello.

According to his television ads, Szula plans to strengthen Illinois police forces as well as protect the 2nd Amendment.

When asked what sets him apart from the competition, Szula referenced his history as a Marine Corps veteran and commented, "I'm a person who's not afraid to roll up their sleeves and go to work."

On a more grand scale, however, Szula believes, "We (as a community) have left the young behind." He expressed he plans to "commit to making sure education and options are readily available to all students.

"There are so many young people that don't know there's something out there besides college," Szula added.

If elected t0 the state legislature, Szula doesn't plan to leave Roscoe behind, however. [He is legally allowed to keep his job as Village President.] We asked Mr. Szula how he planned on staying involved in not only our community, but in other small communities as well, in which he replied "I will visit all the time" and that he is "just a phone call away." 

Spending the last years as the Roscoe Village President, he was directly involved in the community.

When asked what he would like his own community to know about him, he replied, "I represent everyone. As an elected official, you represent the people that voted for you and against you."

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