Whitman Post Elementary art show featured “Fantastic Creatures”


Aubrey Reynolds proudly displayed her historical bottle project at the Whitman Post Elementary art show.

Unique styling and eye catching pieces of artwork filled the hallways of Whitman Post Elementary School on May 12. Sketches, drawings, paintings, 3D printed magnets and mazes, paper mache, clay and ceramic pieces only tap the surface of artwork that was on display.

Students completed various artistic specialties featuring “Fantastic Creatures.”

A total of around 500 projects were ready to be shown great appreciation.

Whitman Post Elementary School art teacher Dan Enderle is well known for challenging students and bringing the best of their abilities to the forefront. Allowing special works to be better noticed in a unique way, Enderle has put together a digital book, called a “Bestiary."

Once completed, this book was emailed to the parents. Each student who made a creature was asked to write about it and to describe details of creatures.

A partnership was formed between Enderle and fourth grade teachers Mrs. Vansistine and Mrs. Leitner on a special project. Historical facts on the “I Wonder” crafting were displayed along with intricate depictions of historical figures on plastic pop bottles, cleverly mixed into the fold.

Families entered the school at different time slots to see these interesting works.

Each participant was given the green light to make a real or an imaginary creature.

Though this year's show was scaled back from those in years past, there were plenty of fun sights to take in.

Fourth grader Jeslyn Peterson chose to do a drawing of a chicken. Her inspiration comes from real life experience. “I decided to draw a chicken because at our house we have eleven chickens,” Jeslyn said.

Brently Robinson captured the true essence of a character from Fortnite. He incorporated two heads and four sets of ears on a 3D mask.

Another piece that was full of creativity was a yeti sitting on a paper background. The young artist behind this original utilized cotton balls to add eyes and a body.

Students and parents were quick to recognize all of the teachers for helping them with their creations.

Loads of talent, with even more years to develop, was found at the 2022 WPES art show.

Jackson Deroso pointed to his historical project made out of plastic bottles and lots of creativity.

Jesslyn Peterson was shown support for her artwork from her family. Jesslyn chose to draw a picture of a chicken as her family owns eleven.

Kuranda Boeke designed a 3D maze.

Autumn shows one of her creations. She is a student in Mrs. Vansistine's class and completed three projects, two of which are a dragon and a lizard.

Brently Robinson brought a couple of projects to life, including the mask he is wearing here and a Fornite character with two heads and four sets of eyes.

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