Roscoe's Residential Streets Program focuses on Chicory Ridge's most traveled roads


2022 Residential Street Program, Roscoe IL

In 2022, the Village of Roscoe will repave parts of Meadowsweet Lane, Angelica Lane, and Chicory Ridge Way as part of the 2022 Residential Streets Program. According to the engineering plans, sanitary manholes will also be adjusted. The greatest expense will be three inches of HMA Surface Course asphalt.

Troy Taylor, Roscoe's Public Works Superintendent, and Brandon Boggs, Roscoe's Village Engineer, reported, "The roadways outlined for this year's Residential Streets Program are highly traveled roadways that are experiencing extreme deterioration. The average pavement condition rating of these roads is 66, which is designated as needing immediate rehabilitation efforts according to the 2014 Streets Study."

Their budget proposal in October-November 2021 was $762,366. Asked what the alternatives were, they wrote, "We can do nothing and continue to spend funds patching the roadway." The Village of Roscoe will also pay $50,000 to Schroeder Asphalt Services, Inc. for the 2022 Class D Pavement Patching Program.

In May, Boggs had estimated the Residential Streets Program would cost $761,922, but the lowest bidder, Curran Contracting Company of Crystal Lake, said they would do the work for $556,222. One of the greatest differences in cost was for "Bituminous Materials" - Curran will provide a 5,046 lb. "tack coat" for only $50.46. Curran's prices for some other parts of the project were higher than the other two bidders, Rock Road Companies and William Charles Construction Company. But in the end, each of their total bids was over $600,000, lower than the engineer's estimate, but still more than Curran. The bids were opened on May 13, 2022. 

Village Engineer Brandon Boggs works for Fehr Graham, a premier provider of engineering, environmental and funding solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional and government clients. The company has contracted for years with the Village of Roscoe and other local municipalities to provide engineering consulting. Since 2019, the company has given $900  to Citizens to Elect Mark W Szula as Village of Roscoe President, but nothing since Szula announced his bid for District 90 State Representative against former State Representative John Cabello. (Curran Contracting mostly gives to the Illinois Road Builders PAC.) Some of Fehr Graham's projects have included civil engineering services for the Village's Public Works parking lot this year and reconstruction studies for Main Street and Willowbrook Road in 2020.

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