ComEd replaces snapped electric pole on Atwood Road


A power pole broke off at ground level on Atwood Road on Dec. 28, prompting the arrival of utility trucks, flags, traffic cones

A power pole snapped at ground level Tuesday afternoon on the east side of Atwood Road, south of Jesters Row and Joy Lane and north of Roland Olson Forest Preserve. At the time, two inches of snow was falling on Roscoe. ComEd crews were able to replace the pole the next morning, Dec. 29, 2021, between 9:45 and 11:30 a.m. A women-run firm, Heels and Hardhats Contracting Co. of Byron, provided flags and traffic control. Before repairs began, one of their flag people took a photo of the broken pole (above), propped up and hanging from the wires.

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Road Work Ahead near the entrance to Roland Olson Forest Preserve, Dec. 29, 2021
The ComEd crew just before leaving the site of the broken power pole.
ComEd truck after replacing the broken pole
A flag woman directs traffic as the ComEd trucks leave.
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