Roscoe trustees wrap up the year with final approval of 2022 appropriations


The Village of Roscoe Board held their last meeting of the year on Dec. 21, 2021.

The Village of Roscoe held a public hearing on the Appropriation Ordinance on Dec. 21, 2021, to approve or disapprove the proposed annual appropriation ordinance for 2022.

Prior to the Dec. 21, meeting, Village residents were invited to view the list of appropriations available at Village Hall.

There were no questions and no discussion. The Appropriation Ordinance was approved with a 6-0 vote.

Liquor Commission meeting

The members of the Village Board of Trustees serve as the Liquor Commission.

Trustees were asked to recommend approval of 2022 liquor license renewal application for 36 local business that serve or sell alcoholic beverages.

  1. Five class “A” renewal applications (Full Liquor –on and off premises consumption).
  2. Thirteen Class “BL” renewal applications (Full liquor – on premises consumption).
  3. Eight Class “C” renewal applications (Full liquor – Off premises consumption.)
  4. One class “BP” renewal ( Full liquor – application (Full liquor – on premises consumption)
  5. One Class “CT” renewal application. (full liquor – off premises consumption, catering retailer)
  6. Renewal applications of six Class “F” (full liquor – on premises consumption)
  7. Two Class “G” renewal s (Beer and Wine – off premises consumption,)

A Class “D” renewal application renewal requested by Sophia’s Restaurant (beer and wine – on premises) was dropped.

Village Board of Trustees meeting

The general Board meeting began at 6:30.

Village Administrator Scott Sanders asked that the final expenditures of $150,000 for 2021 be amended to $203,735, an increase of $53,700. Sanders said the increase was due to an omission of the $45,000 workman’s comp, and cyber liability increase. “The increase in the liability is three times higher than it was previously,” Sanders said.

Trustees also unanimously approved several other agenda items:

  • Increased the compensation of Fire and Police commissioners $20 per meeting (6-0).
  • Increased compensation for members of the Zoning Board of Appeals $20 per meeting (6-0).
  • Increased compensation of the Village President and Village Board of Trustees (Liquor Commission) to go into effect after the next election (6-0).
  • Increased compensation adjustments for certain part-time and full-time employees, (end of year bonus) of $250 (6-0).
  • Approved 36 liquor license renewals (6-0), confirming their decision as the Liquor Commission.

After some discussion, the trustees gave unanimous approval for the 2022 appropriation bill, which sets the budget for next year.

Trustee Stacy Mallicoat recommended amending the contribution to the Stateline Mass Transit District (SMTD). The amount is currently $20,000, whereas it had originally been $25,000. “SMTD is an asset to the community,” Mallicoat said, adding that the service was really helpful for a lot of people, including his mother and father-in law in the past.

Trustee Carol Gustafson was against the increase. “They have not abided by our contract, and didn’t report to us.” She made similar objections in May 2021.

SMTD Executive Director Sharon Hecox disagrees. In response to a request for ridership details, she told Rockton-Roscoe News that she has asked the dispatch supervisor to provide new reports, but the person responsible for compiling them has been on medical leave. (The Stateline Mass Transit District is a financial supporter of Rockton-Roscoe News.)

Gustafson suggested keeping the amount at $20,000 this year. “I believe it is a valuable service but there are problems. There are a lot of things that need to be cleaned up”.

Trustee Sue Petty agreed, but said if the SMTD contribution goes back to $25,000, she would like to propose giving free rides to veterans.

Trustees Keene, Plock and Mallicoat voted to bring the SMTD contribution back to $25,000. Trustees Gustafson, Petty and Dunn voted to keep the amount at $20,000 for another year. President Szula broke the tie with a yes vote, agreeing with the $25,000 contribution.

The additional $5,000 will be added to the appropriations total for 2022, bringing the revised total to $7,750,134.

Committee of the Whole meeting

The Village trustees, meeting as the Committee of the Whole, discussed modifications to the Village COVID-19 Emergency Staffing Plan to align policies with what is happening, especially regarding families. The issue will be further discussed at the Jan. 11 Village Board meeting.

Trustees recommended that the Village continue to work with Fehr Graham Engineering on planning for the 2022 Residential Streets Program for the amount of $37,100.

Trustees discussed an agreement with Fehr Graham Engineering for engineering service for repair and reconstruction of the North Second Street Frontage Road (North of McCurry Rd.) for the amount of $55,040. The cost will be funded by the Motor Fuel Tax (MFT).

Recommendations will go to the Board for approval at the Jan. 11 2022 meeting.

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