Roscoe Village Liquor Commission decides not to suspend a liquor license


Photo: Benny’s Slots, Wine and Spirits

Rory Colwell, Rudy Colwell and Jason Jacobsen, owners of Benny’s Slots, Wine and Spirits, in the 5300 block of Williams Dr., appeared before the Roscoe Village Liquor Commission on Tuesday evening, Oct. 5, 2021. The owners were responding to a hearing for possible revocation or suspension of their liquor license or other penalties. They are holders of a Class BL Liquor License that was issued by the Village of Roscoe.

The hearing was to determine whether their liquor license should be suspended or revoked or other penalties be issued because of the following:

Count 1: Selling, giving or delivering alcoholic liquor to any person under the age of 21.

On August 28, 2021, it was asserted that employees at Benny’s gave, sold or delivered alcoholic liquor to a miner under the age of 21.

Count 2: Operating a Class “BL” establishment in violation of the Village ordinance allowing a minor to enter an area restricted for those over 21 years of age.

Owners/employees allowed a minor to enter the premises in which video gaming terminals were located.

Count 3: Selling liquor at a location other than the licenses premises.

The owners hosted an event known as “Benny’s Palooza” in the parking lot at Main Street Square, located in the 5300 block of Williams Dr. which is a location other than the licensed premises authorized by the Class “BL” license.

Count 4: Owners hosted “Benny’s Palooza” in the parking lot at Main Street Square, where live music and a DJ were provided on a patio where alcohol related signs were visible from the outside.

The owners did not contest the allegations.

Village Attorney Josef Kerlinkus said there is no evidence that alcohol was given to a minor. “There was a thorough investigation by our police officers.”

The Commission determined that since this was a first offense, a $1,000 penalty would be issued. In addition, the establishment would be closed for two consecutive days. Commissioner Mark Szula suggested Oct. 15 and 16. All agreed.

Rory Colwell responded that the incident was not intentional. “We want to be partners with the Village. We have not had anything like this happen in the past.”

Photo: Benny’s Slots, Wine and Spirits
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