County votes to lower speed limit on Hamborg Road


Stock photo by Ronald Carlson

Since Winnebago County was asked to lower the speed limit on Hamborg Road, Winnebago County Board members Paul Arena and Brad Lindmark, along with Harlem Township Supervisor Gary Jury, hosted an August 10 community meeting at the Harlem Township Offices to discuss the proposed speed limit change before the Winnebago County Board voted on it on August 12. The only people who came to the August 10 meeting at Harlem Township were residents of winding, tree-lined Hamborg Road, who told horror stories of cars and even truckers speeding past their homes. Truckers apparently were trying to avoid the tolls on Interstate 90. But that solution isn't legal since Hamborg Road isn't rated for large trucks.

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At the August 12 meeting, Paul Arena told the Winnebago County Board that the road was partly in his district and partly in Brad Lindmark's, and that they reached out to residents for a community meeting. He said, "After considering everyone's opinions, it is my opinion that it does warrant lowering the speed limit here. I will be voting Yes and I would ask the rest of you to please support that and vote Yes as well." Brad Lindmark added that he also echoed those sentiments and would be voting Yes. The Board voted Yes unanimously, 16 in favor, 4 absent.

Roscoe Township again quickly changed their signage to 35 miles per hour, but Harlem Township hasn't changed theirs, causing some residents to complain that Hamborg Road has two different speed limits. Rockton-Roscoe News has reached out to the Harlem Township Highway Department about the sign. Keith O'Neill called back to say that the speed limit sign had to be ordered, but they will put it up as soon as they get it.

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