Roscoe History: This Week in... 1879


By the time Roscoe held its first town meeting in 1850, the community had a grocery store, dentist, school, church, brickyard, woolen factory, gristmill, foundry, distillery, blacksmith shops, sawmills, cemetery and Leland Park. But it didn't have its own newspaper. The Rockton Herald included news and business listings from Roscoe after it began publishing each week in 1876. The April 25, 1879 edition, edited by E.I. Carr, featured items from Roscoe and around the world.

Drs. G. P. and W. L. Ransom, Physicians and Surgeons. Office at their residence Roscoe, Ills.
Dr. L. B. Bradley, Dentist. Office at J. A. Bradley's Drug Store, Roscoe, Ills.


Quite a number of visitors have been here within two weeks. Frank Parmley and wife, at Mr Fasset's; A. M. Smith, all around; A. Irenholm, at Mr. Allen's; Miss Katie Bunard, at Mr. Coles; Miss Hattie Cleaves at C. B. Jerome and others we do not think of now

James R Roberts was married last Wednesday evening to Mrs. Lucy Williams. The widow Warner gave them a party. They were married by Rev. Clendenin. The girls said they had a fine time kissing the groom.

Mr. Fasset had a party at his house last Friday evening. There were about twenty present and it is said they had a good time.

Mr. and Mrs. Warden with Dr. Ransom started for New York Saturday. The doctor is to attend lectures there this summer and he may also attend to some other business while he is gone.

We hear that Dr. C. C. Lyford has been sent to England by the Veterinary College with which he is connected, for the purpose of investigating the cattle disease. Quite an honor for one of Roscoe young men.

Our town is to be represented at the Circuit Court this term by Phillip Marston, grand juror, and Wm. Blackenton, H. L. Sage, and Wm. Budd, pettit jurors.


Six women voted at the recent school election at Pendleton, Oregon.

$5 a day has been made at drift mining for gold at Fort Saskatchewan, British Northwestern territory.

A guide in Maine, who ought to know, estimates that the trout caught by tourists in that state cost them $3 a pound.

A recent report submitted to the House of Lords shows that in England the amount of drunkenness varies in almost exact proportion to the variations of climate, the vice being most prevalent in the north.

A Connecticut convict being given the customary check for $5 on his discharge from state prison, found it necessary of course to be identified to receive its payment, and thinking the man he had robbed knew him best, called upon him and accomplished his purpose.

Says the dispatch of April 19th: Chief Moses having agreed, the president has set aside a very large reservation in Washington territory for Moses and his people, with such Indians as may affiliate and the Secretary of the Interior may send.

On the 21st inst Congressman Ewing of Ohio introduced a bill which provides for taxing incomes of over $4,000 2 1/2%;over $10,000, 5%; at over 20,000, 10%.

A convention of representative colored men was held in New Orleans April 17 to consider the exodus question. 260 delegates were present.... The negro emigration movement from Mississippi and Louisiana began March 5, when 280 negroes boarded the steamer Belle of Memphis, bound for St. Louis. Since that time, 2,760 immigrants have left these two states for Kansas.

Wooden pavements everywhere have proved a failure.

Victor Hugo's recent illness is said to have been caused by over-excitement in connection with the recent literary congress in Paris. He is now fully recovered.

The Burlington Hawkeye says that this country is just full of climate.


Working men, before you begin your heavy spring work after winter relaxation, your system needs cleansing and strengthening to prevent an attack of ague, biliousness, spring fever or some other spring sickness that will unfit you for a season's work. You will save time, much sickness and great expense if you will use one bottle of Hop Bitters in your family this month. Don't wait. See other column.

Opium habit and skin diseases. Thousands cured. Lowest prices. Do not fail to write. Dr. F.E. Marsh, Quincy, Mich.

Piso's cure for consumption. Reduced price. Twenty-five cents will now buy a fifty-cent bottle of Piso's Cure for Consumption. Thus the BEST cough medicine is the CHEAPEST. Sold everywhere.

You can read the entire newspaper online courtesy of the Talcott Free Library.

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