Meet Rachael Thompson, RN, founder of Revive 815


Rachael Thompson RN of Revive 815 in Roscoe, IL

Rachael Thompson, RN, opened Revive 815 with a company mission statement that lies within its name: to provide the area with services and experiences "that make you look, feel, and live - Revived."

Revive 815 offers injectable neurotoxins and dermal fillers, as well as IV drip therapy.

In November 2023, the Roscoe medical spa located inside Lifestyle Chiropractic Wellness, Inc., at 5304 Williams Drive opened for business.                

Vitamin IV therapy, also referred to as micronutrient therapy, administers vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. In the past few years, intravenous vitamin treatments, though controversial, have risen in popularity. 

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Rachael Thompson is a licensed registered nurse and the nurse injector at Revive 815. The Roscoe resident is a wife and mom of two sons, and has worked in the healthcare industry for 13 years. She has emergency room experience and a post-anesthesia care background.

It was when Thompson began working in dermatology that she found her passion and drive to start Revive 815, where she works with medical director Dr. Brian Crenshaw, a Louisiana-based anesthesiologist who oversees several clinics around the country. Both received additional training from Empire Medical Training, who specializes in the aesthetic, anti-aging, pain management, and medicine industries. Since 1998, more than 175,000+ physicians and healthcare professionals have graduated from Empire.

Thompson states, “There's a lot of different things you can add into an IV bag. Some people come in just for rehydration. There are drips that help with energy, mood stability, sleep, drips to help metabolism, muscle recovery, and even drips that help with hangovers. There is an immunity booster drip, which I am huge on this cold and flu season.” 

Thompson explains that the IV drips contain nutrients and vitamins that our bodies should have anyway, that most people take a multivitamin for. “When we take an oral multivitamin, our bodies are excreting most of what we are putting in by going through the digestive system. So, when we digest the multivitamin, we’re really not absorbing all of the nutrients that we should be. But, by taking our vitamins via IV, we are taking them right into the bloodstream and absorbing them into our bodies.” 

The service takes one hour, and the price varies depending on the additives put in the IV bag but ranges between $120-$185. Thompson is running a special through Valentine’s Day, offering $25 off IV hydration and $100 off lip filler. 

Thompson is also in the process of becoming certified in weight management and weight loss to help those in the community looking for help with diet planning, exercise, or medical weight loss. 

Thompson says that while the growth of her company is important to her, it is more important that she maintains the relationships with the patients who come in her door. “It is very important for me that my patients feel not only comfortable with me but also confident in me. My number one goal outside of that is to build relationships amongst the community so that we can help each other and feed off of one another. I think in today’s society we need to be building relationships more than ever, both business to business and within the community.” 

When asked what her advice to new business owners, or those thinking of becoming one, would be, she replied, “It’s hard - if it were easy, everybody would do it, but it's not impossible. When you put your heart into it and put in the work, the reward is bigger and better than any of the work you put in.” 

Thompson is a firm believer in free consults and will happily answer any questions about any of her services. You can visit the Revive 815 website to read more and to book your appointment. Be sure to follow the Revive 815 Facebook and Revive 815 Instagram pages to stay updated on specials and events.  

Michael McGinnis contributed to the reporting.

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