Lions Club scholarships make a difference


Magen Franklin, 2023 Roscoe Lions Scholarship winner from Hononegah High School

For the past 45 or so years, some of the proceeds from the Roscoe Lions Club Fall Festival have gone towards scholarships to Hononegah High School seniors. In that time, the Roscoe Lions scholarships have impacted hundreds of young people from our community. As part of the current process, the scholarship applicant must be interviewed. So the Roscoe Lions get to meet and see the many, many, many wonderful young people who will accomplish so much for our community and the world at large. 

In the spring of 2023, the Roscoe Lions Club scholarship was given away to five students from Hononegah High School. They were Magen Franklin, Lucia Jahn, Gabrielle Murphy, Brayden Partlow, and Delaney Porter.

Following up with a few of the most recent scholarship recipients, you can see why they are so thankful for the Roscoe Lions and what the provide to our community.

Magen Franklin, a 2023 Hononegah High School graduate is attending Loyola University Chicago. Megan is studying political science on a pre-law track. She plans on using her poli-sci degree to attend law school, although unsure of what kind of law she wants to study. Megan Franklin stated, “I love giving back to and supporting my community through service, and so it meant a lot to get this scholarship because I knew that I was getting that community support back. I was excited to get this extra aid to help me on my path toward reaching my higher educational goals!”

Brayden Partlow, another 2023 Hononegah High School graduate is majoring in physical therapy. “The scholarship was a huge opportunity that I was blessed with. It is going to be a tremendous help for the years in school. It was also wonderful to receive a scholarship from my home community too.”

Braydon Partlow, 2023 scholarship winner from Hononegah High School

I would like to thank both Megan Franklin and Brayden Partlow for discussing the receiving of the Roscoe Lions scholarships with me. They both are currently in the beginning of their college journey. Megan plans to join the swimming club at Loyola University Chicago and Brayden Partlow is in preparing for his first college football game.

To find out more about the Roscoe Lions or to become a Lion yourself, visit the Roscoe Lions Club website. They have been serving the Roscoe IL community since 1961.

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