The MULLETRON! South Beloit boy competing in the 2023 USA Mullet Championships



When you see someone with a mullet hairstyle, what do you think? Are they negative or positive thoughts? Do you think of bikers, perhaps another group of people who may cause trouble? I know growing up in the 80s, my image was one of a drug user or someone who my mom didn’t want me to be around. Now that it is 2023 and mullet hairstyles are something I have a lot of envy for. I’m a little short on the hair upstairs – some people might even say I’m bald.

The2023 USA Mullet Championships are taking place right now and our community is front and center. Caleb Grimaldi from South Beloit is competing in the 2023 championships.


Caleb is a 5th grade Willowbrook Middle schooler who is a busy athlete playing his most passionate sport of football for the RRL Junior Indians Football program. Caleb also plays baseball for Stateline. He loves the Chicago Bears. Speaking with his mom, Angie Grimaldi, recently, I learned that Caleb desires to be a Chicago Bear when he grows up. I bet he is as excited as I am for a great 2023 season for the Bears.


For as long as Angie and her family can remember, Caleb has been a very patriotic young man. When entering the 2023 USA Mullet Championships, Caleb chose “Homes For Wounded Warriors” as his charity of choice. Angie Grimaldi says it is such a fitting charity for him. If he sees anything with and American flag on it, he wants it. He will always stand for the National Anthem even at home watching a sport on TV.

If you want to help Caleb move on in the 2023 USA Mullet Championships, GO and Vote Here.

You can vote one time every 24 hours. Round 2 ends on Monday July 24,at 11:59 EST (10:59 CST)

About Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors

"Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing critically injured United States military veterans with injury-specific, accessible, and mortgage-free homes. Your donations help us to build and remodel these homes, enabling us to provide much needed support and assistance to our veterans. The homes we build and remodel are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual veteran, ensuring that they have a safe and comfortable place to live as they recover from their injuries. Your generosity enables us to continue our important work, and we are deeply grateful for your support."

Jared Allen's Homes For Wounded Warriors

About Mullet Champs

"Mullet Champs is all about celebrating the bold and outrageous hairstyle that is the mullet. With our annual mullet champion contest, we travel across the country searching for the wildest mullets out there. We hold live contests in various cities, where contestants can show off their impressive hairdos in front of a lively audience. But our reach goes far beyond just live events – we also host an annual digital contest where people from all over the country can submit their mullet photos and compete for the title of best mullet in categories such as Femullet, Mens Mullet, Kids, Teens and 55+."

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