Homeschool Expo: making homeschooling fun, simple and effective


Jessica Hewitt explains her Social, Emotional and Learning (SEL) program. Hewitt was one of the many vendors providing information and resources to homeschooling parents at Stateline STEM Academy on May 24. 2023.

Area vendors showcased educational resources at the Homeschool Expo on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. The event was hosted by Stateline STEM Academy and neighboring Kids Spot -

Narrow Gate Learning Center, 9461 2nd St. in Roscoe, IL.

Parents learned about services and products that showcase local resources to make homeschooling fun, simple and effective.

While parents shopped, the children were entertained and supervised in the Kids Spot gymnasium.

STEM Academy administrator Donna Curtis and Tim Yapp, owner of Kids Spot, Narrow Gate Learning, and the STEM Academy, were pleased with the large number of vendors and parents.

Danielle Sturnfield and her two children, Lila and Auden, were among the homeschooling families attending the resource expo. She is choosing to homeschool her children for many reasons: “safety, freedom to teach what is important, and learning at their own pace.”

Danielle said there are many co-ops available in the area. “I am trying to find one that fits our needs.”

One of the vendors, Jessica Hewitt, is the owner of “Jess Connects.” Hewitt has a master’s degree in education and specializes in social and emotional learning (SEL).

Other vendors included:

Narrow Gate Learning and STEM Academy sponsored raffles featuring two free reading assessments and two STEM-based building kits.

For more information, visit and

Danielle Sturnfield with her children Auden and Lyla visited the Resource Expo at Stateline STEM Academy, 9461 North Second St, in Roscoe. Danielle homeschools her children and was looking for programs and learning tool and accessories.

Kids Spot, next door to the STEM Academy, provided fun in the gym for kids while parents visited the Homeschool Expo on May 24, 2023.

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