Harlem-Roscoe Fire welcomes new recruits and promotions


Firefighter Tim Broderick is pinned by an old teammate, retired District Chief Dan Zaccard of the Rockford Fire Department. Photo: Steffani Hipp

Harlem-Roscoe Fire held a pinning ceremony at Fire Station #1 in downtown Roscoe on Monday evening, May 22, 2022. Family members were given the honor of pinning their relatives with their new fire department badges.

Six were worn in as new probationary firefighters: Mathew Reese, Tim Broderick, Justin Mayton, Jacob Jourdin, Dallas Washington, and Silas Estrada. Firefighter Jonathon Doyle, having completed his probation, received his black helmet as a full-fledged firefighter. Firefighter Justin Harwood was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. 

Trustees Bart Munger, John Donahue, and Al Bach presided over the ceremony, along with Fire Chief Patrick Trollop, Deputy Chief John Bergeron, Deputy Chief Kevin Briggs, and Battalion Chief John Donovan.

Photos by HRFD's Steffani Hipp - more on Facebook.

Click, tap, or swipe the photo below to view an image gallery of the pinning ceremony.

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(L-R) Fire Chief Patrick Trollop, New Lieutenant Justin Harwood, DC John Bergeron, BC John Donovan, and DC Kevin Briggs
Lt. Justin Harwood
(L-R) Fire Chief Patrick Trollop, DC John Bergeron, BC John Donovan, new black helmet Firefighter Jonathon Doyle, DC Kevin Briggs, and Firefighter Madison West.
Jonathon Doyle received his black helmet from HRFD's Rookie of the Year Madison West.
(L-R) DC Kevin Briggs, new Firefighter Justin Mayton, Fire Chief Patrick Trollop, new Firefighter Mathew Reese, BC John Donovan, DC John Bergeron, new Firefighters Jacob Jourdin, Dallas Washington, Silas Estrada, and Tim Broderick.
Jacob Jourdin
(L-R) Tim Broderick and retired District Chief Dan Zaccard of the Rockford Fire Department.
Matthew Reese
Justin Mayton
Silas Estrada
Dallas Washington
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