Chicory Ridge Subdivision Garage Sales this weekend


Chicory Ridge Garage Sales

The annual Chicory Ridge Subdivision Garage Sale will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 19-21, 2022.

This year more than 80 families will be participating. For your convenience, in addition to cash, some families will take Venmo payments, even credit or debit cards.

Shoppers can enter the subdivision from Roscoe Road at Chicory Ridge Way and Meadowsweet Lane

Port-a-potties will be at Chicory Ridge Park .

There will be two food trucks at the park / pond.

  • Windsor Pizza Parlor - Friday and Saturday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  • Fuego - Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Both will stay longer if they keep getting enough business.

Cutie Face and Friends will be painting faces and making balloon animals at the park too.

Roscoe Police will be patrolling the streets and ticketing offenders. 

'No Parking' signs will be posted during the event, and a fine of $50 will be assessed for parking in posted No Parking zones.

  • Parking is on only the EVEN side of streets again. 
  • No one may park on the odd side even if temporary/quick stop.
  • No parking in front of a private driveway, in front of mailbox, or against the flow of traffic.
  • No parking within 15 ft of a fire hydrant.
  • No parking within 30 ft of a stop sign.
  • Speed limit is 25MPH — please watch for pedestrians.
  • **Always keep roads clear for emergency vehicles

Participating houses listed by street and street number

The first number corresponds to the attached brochure and map. Some typos may exist in the list below, due to limitations of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology used to read the text images in the attached brochure.

1. 10561 [Venmo] Sun: 12-4pm
Offer Price for some Items, Kid's Toys, Random
Household Items

2. 10617 Fri: 8-4pm Sat: 8-4pm Sun: 9-1pm
Push Mower w/Bagger, Kid's Toys/Bikes, Mustang
Wheels, Clothing for Boys/Girls/Women's/Men's

3. 10659 [Venmo] Fri 9-5pm Sat 9-4pm Sun: 9-4pm
Multi-Family, Household Items, Toys, Puzzles, Games,
Books, Pampered Chef, Juniors/Women's Clothes

4. 10662 Fri 8-4pm Sat 8-4pm
Home Décor, Christmas Décor, Women's Clothing

5. 10675 Sat: 9-5pm Sun: 9-4pm
Kitchen Table w/5 Chairs, Printers, Girls Clothes Size 12
and up, S/M Women's Clothes

6. 10694 Fri: 8-4pm Sat. 8-4pm
Bike, A/C Units, Toys, Porch Chairs, Deck Box, Clothes,
Home Décor, Household Items & Much More

7. 10778 Fri: 10-5pm  Sat: 10-5pm Sun: 10-5pm
Twin Girls Clothes/ltems, Kid's Items, L/XL Women's
Clothing, Plants: Tomato, Peppers, Pumpkins Etc.

8. 10829 [Venmo] Fri 8-3pm Sat: 8-3pm
Lawn & Garden Items, Household items

9. 11003 Fri: 11-6pm Sat: 9-5pm_ Sun: 9-5pm
Multi-House Sale, Clothing/Shoes, Home Décor,

10. 11022 [Venmo] Fri: 8-4pm  Sat: 8-4pm Sun: 8-4pm
Boys Clothes up to 18mo, Girls Clothes up to 5T, Toys,
Household Items

11. 11044 [Venmo] Sat 9-5pm Sun: 9-5pm
Boys Clothes 12-18mo, Some Baby, Household Items,
S/M Women's Clothes, L Men's Clothing, Toys

12. 11085 Fri: 8-4pm__ Sat: 8-4pm
50" & 19" TV, Electric Fireplace, Window A/C Unit,
New Craftsman Garage Door Opener

13. 11089 [Venmo] Fri: 10-6pm Sat: 8-6pm Sun: 8-12pm
Home Décor, Household tems, Baby Boy/Girl Clothes
0-18mo, Zelle/Venmo/Cash Accepted.
Free Bottle of Water w/$10 Purchase

14. 11124 [Venmo] 9-5pm Sat: 9-2pm Sun: 9-3pm
Household Goods, M/W Bike, Small Juniors and Women’s
Clothes, Girls Clothes 5T-8, Boys Clothes Size 6-8

15. 462 Fri: 8:30-3:30pm Sun: 9-2pm
Girls Clothing: Baby to 5T, Household Items, Kid's Toys

16. 484 [Venmo] Fri: 94pm Sat 9-4pm Sun: 9-2pm
Boys/Girls Clothes Size 4 & Up, Kid's Shoes, Household
Items & Décor, Toys, Women's Clothing

17.485 [Venmo] Fri; 9-5pm Sat: 9-5pm Sun; 9-5pm
+ Bunk Bed Set, Housewares, Bedding, Sheets, Towels,
Coffee End Tables, Game Systems/Games, Mens Clothes
Size L/XL, Women's Clothes Various Sizes

18. 657 Fri: 7-4pm _ Sat: 8-12pm
Teen Girls Clothes, Toys, Household Items, Boy Clothes

19. 561 Fri: 9-3pm Sat: 9-1pm
5 Families: All Size Clothes, Athletic Clothes, Toys,
Household Items

20. 10859 [Venmo] Fri: 8-5pm Sat: 8-5pm Sun: 8-3pm
Most Items Under $10, Household Items, Books, Women’s
Clothes M/L, Men's Clothes MJ/L, Kid's Clothes 4T-Small

21. 10873 [Venmo] Fri: 8-5pm Sat: 8-4pm Sun: 8-1pm
Handmade Home Décor Items, Boys/Girls Clothes,
Household Items, Adult Clothes

22. 10886 Fri: 7-4pm Sat: 7-4pm Sun: 7-4pm
Boys Clothes 0-6 months, Girls Clothes 2T-4T, Some
Baby Items, Household Goods, Furniture

23. 10903 Fri: 8:30-5pm Sat: 8:30-5pm Sun: 9-3pm
Girls Clothes & Shoes Sizes 18mo-3, Boys Clothes Size
8-14, Furniture

24, 10908 Fri: 9-6pm Sat: 9-5pm Sun: 9-1pm
Boys Clothes Size 8-12, Women's/Juniors Clothes Sizes
0-7, Women's Shoes Size 6-8, Toys, Books, Costumes,
Party Supplies, Home Décor, Misc. Holiday Items

25. 10961 Fri: 9-5pm Sat: 9-5pm__Sun: 9-5pm
Bikes, Women’s Shoes, Kid's Boots, Children’s Toys,
Boy's/Girl's Kid's Clothing

26. 11093 Fri: 8:30-3pm__ Sat: 9-5pm Sun: 9-5pm
Teacup Set, iPhone Screen Protector, Chair, Kid's Toys

27. 11238 Fri: 7-5pm__ Sat: 7-5pm_ Sun: 7-5pm
Crafts, Disney, Adult Clothes, Baby Newborn Clothes,

28. 461 Sat: 9-5pm
Wood Tools, Kid's Toys, General Goods,
Pressure Washer

29. 477 [Venmo] Fri: 8-4pm Sat: 8-4pm Sun: 8-4pm
$1 Kid's Clothes, Boys/Girls 4T and Up, Kid's Toys,
Household Items

30. 480 Fri: 9-4pm Sat: 9-4pm__ Sun: 9-1pm
Wooden Kitchen Table w/6 Chairs, Small Appliances,
Lego Sets, Clothes. Miscellaneous

31. 485 [Venmo] Fri: 84pm Sat 8-4pm Sun: 8-12pm
NO MORE KID'S SALE!!! Something for Everyone,
Household Items, Kid's Clothes Boys/Girls NB-5T

32. 492 [Venmo] Fri: 8-3pm Sat: 8-3pm Sun: 8-12pm
Boys Clothes 0-12 months, Misc. Baby Items, Girls
Clothes 86-7, Toys, My Life Dolls, Wedding Arch,
Puzzles, Misc.

33. 493 [Venmo] Sat: 8-3pm Sun: 8-3pm
Coach Purses, Hall Tree w/Bench, Household items,
Weber Gas Grill

34. 527 Fri: 7am-4pm
Vintage Toys, Arts & Crafts, Household,
Clothes Women's XL-2X & Men's 2X-3X

35. 474 Fri: 8:30-5pm Sat: 8:30-4pm Sun: 9-12pm
Stampin-Up Supplies, Organ, Piano, Books,
Snowblower, Lawnmower, Furniture: Sofa, Tables,
Chairs, Desk, Workbenches

36. 485 Fri: TBD Sat: 8-3:30pm Sun: 8-3pm
Kid's/Adult Clothing, Home Décor, Curio Cabinet,
Stuffed Animals, Stereo/Surround Sound

37. 491 Fri: 8-5pm Sat: 8-5pm Sun: 8-12pm
ALMOST EVERYTHING UNDER $1, Children's Clothes
Size 0-6/7, Teen Girls Clothes Size 10-16, Children’s
Toys Age 0-10 Years,

38. 498 Fri: 9-5pm Sat 9-5pm Sun: 9-5pm
Plus Size Clothing 2X/3X, Rods/Reels, Tools,
Drill Press, Cab Bed, Furniture, Lots of New Things

39. 503 [Venmo] Fri 9-4pm Sat 9-4pm Sun; 9-12pm
Boys/Girls Clothes 3T — 10/12, Misc. Small Appliances,

40. 516 [Venmo] Fri 8-5 pm Sat 8-30m
Yamaha Speakers w/ Surround Sound/Power Sub, Baseball
Cards, Motorcycle Helmet, Men's Clothes, Women's
Clothes/Shoes, Boys 2T/3T, 2 Dog Kennels, Patio Set

41. 522 [Venmo] Fri: 9-5pm Sat 9-5pm Sun: 9-12pm
Junior/Women's Clothing XS-XL & Shoes Size 6-8,
Household Items, Coca-Cola Collectables,
Accepts Debit/Credit/Venmo

42. 530 [Venmo] Fri: 9-5pm Sat 9-5pm Sun: 9-2pm
Dressers, End Tables, Kid's Toys, Stroller, Clothes

43. 558 [Venmo] Fri 8-4pm Sat 8-2pm
Baby Boys NB - 4T, Household Décor, Toys, Books,
Name Brand Girls Sizes 8-12, Small Furniture

44. 582 Fri: 8-5pm Sat: 8-5pm_Sun:8-5pm
Car Parts, Clothes, Misc. Household items

45. 660 Fri: 9-5pm_ Sat; 9-5pm Sun: 9-5pm
Clothing, Household tems, Handmade Jewelry,
Handmade Wood Crafts/Items

46. 10878 Fri: 8-5pm Sat:8-5pm Sun: 8-5pm
Clothes, Toys

47. 10998 Fri: 8-5pm_ Sat: 8-5pm Sun: 8-5pm
Tons of Household Items, Low Prices, Toys, Misc.,
Boys/Girls Clothes, Men's Women's Clothes & Shoes,
Sunday Reduced Prices

48. 11060 Fri: 8-6pm Sat: 8-4pm Sun: 8-2pm
Household Items, Dining Room Table w/Chairs,
Ping Irons

49. 11089 Fri: 8:30-4:30pm Sat: 9-5pm Sun: 9-2pm
Household Items, Women's Clothes M/L, Men's Clothes
L/XL, Kid's Clothes S/M

50. 11150 Sat: 8-4pm_Sun: 8-4pm
Baby Boy Clothes NB-24M, Baby Supplies,
Baby/Toddler Toys, Home Decor

51. 11190 [Venmo] Fri: 8-3pm Sat: 8-5pm
Perennial Plants, Crafts

52. 11207 Sat; 8-5pm Sun: 8-TBD
Adult Schwinn Bike, Kid's Toys, Nerf Guns, X-Box
System/Games, Dresser, Kid's Electric Arcade
Basketball Game, Household Items/Decor

53. 11334 [Venmo] Fri: 8-5pm_ Sat: 8-5pm Sun: 8-12pm
Misc. Baby Items, Men/Women's Plus Size Clothing,
Shoes, Household Items/Décor, 1/2 OFF SUNDAY

54. 11353 [Venmo] Fri: 8-6pm Sat 8-6pm Sun: 8-6pm
Girls/Boys Clothes, Toys, Household Items,

55. 11356 [Venmo] Fri: 8:30-5pm_Sat: 8:30-3pm_Sun: 9-1pm
Household tems/Décor, Women's Accessories, Kitchen
Items, Women's Clothes, Men's Clothes & Shoes

56. 11372 Fri: 8-5pm Sat: 8-3pm
Women's Clothes All Seasons, Household Items, Gift
Bags for Every Occasion, Crafting Supplies, Kid's Toys

57. 10907 Fri: 9-5pm Sat: 9-5pm Sun: 9-5pm
Boys/Girls 0-5T, Couch, Glass Stands, Lots of Toys,
Twin Boy Bed Car Theme w/Lights, Toddler Girl Bed
Princess Themed w/Canopy

58. 11004 Fri: 9-5pm Sat: 9-3pm Sun: 9-1pm
Women's size XL, 1X, 2XL Pants & Shirts, Men's XL,
Misc. Home Decor, Household Items, % OFF SUNDAY

59. 11064 [Venmo] Fri: 8-4pm Sat: 9-4pm Sun: 9-2pm
Boys Clothes NB - 5T, Strollers, Baby Toys, Little Tikes
Trampoline, Playground Set, DVD Movies

60. 11159 Fri: 8-4pm_ Sat: 8-4pm Sun: 9-2pm
Collectables, Antiques, Household items

61. 11203 Fri: 9-4pm__ Sat: 9-4pm Sun; 9-12pm
Girls Clothes (New) Sizes 8/10/12, Girls Shoes & Boots,
Home Décor, Kid's Books, Small Appliances, Kitchen
Stuff, 1/2 OFF SUNDAY

62. 11317 Fri; 2-6pm__Sat: 10-5pm Sun: 10-5pm
Girls Clothes 4T-6, Girls/Boys Toys, Household Items,

63. 10853 Fri; 8-6pm_ Sat: 8-6pm_ Sun: 8-2pm
Furniture: Antique Bedroom Set & Much, more, more,
Antiques & Collectables, Puzzles, Games, Toys, Bikes,

64. 11269 [Venmo] Sat 10-4pm Sun: 10-2pm
Boys — 0-2T, Toys, Baby/Kid's Books, Adult Books

65. 11265 [Venmo] Fri. 9-4pm Sat 94pm Sun: 9-12pm
Boys Clothes 0-4T & Toys, Girls Clothes 0-5T & Toys,
Convertible Car Seats, Graco Extend-to-fit (2), Household

66. 11287 Sat: 9-3pm Sun: 10-3pm
Household Items, Bikes, Little Tikes, Baby Equipment,
Strollers, Pack-N-Plays, Girl Clothing NB-4T, Family
Clothing Men's, Women’s, Children’s & Shoes

67. 10809 [Venmo] Fri. 8-5pm Sat 8-5pm_ Sun: 8-2pm

 Off SUNDAY, Teenage Clothes, Household Items

68. 10927 Fri: 8-5pm Sat: 8-5pm Sun: 8-4pm
Washer/Dryer, Girls Kid's Clothes Size 4-7, Kitchen Light

69. 10948 Fri: 9-5pm Sat: 9-5pm Sun: 9-2pm
3 Piece Tool Chest, Coach Purses,
Boys & Girls Clothes Misc. Sizes,
Lots of Toys, Games, Misc. Items.

70. 10955 [Venmo] Sat 9-3pm Sun: 9-12pm
Boys Clothes Sizes 4T, some 3T, Shoes, Kid's Toys,
Miscellaneous Household [tems

71. 10962 Fri: 8-5pm Sat; TBD Sun: 8-12pm
Women's Clothing Sizes 4-12, Household Items, Men's
Large Shirts & Pants (Jeans)

72. 10971 [Venmo] Fri 8-2pm Sat:8-4pm
Girls NB ~ 2T, Boys 2T-3T, Women's Clothing M-L,
Men's Clothing XL

73. 10988 [Venmo] Fri. 94pm Sat 94pm Sun: 9-4pm
Baseball Swing Away, Sports items, Adult Small/Medium
Clothes, Household Items, Kid's Toys

74. 11011 [Venmo] Fri: 8-3pm_ Sat: 8-3pm__ Sun: 11-3pm
Girls Clothes 3mo - Youth Size 8, Toys, Household
Items, Women's Clothes, Boys Clothes 3mo — 3T

75. 652 Sat: 10-4pm Sun; 10-4pm
Toys, Household, Miscellaneous, Women's & Men's &
Kid's (Boys) Clothes

76. 663 Fri: 8-4pm Sat: 8-2pm
Stampin’ Up, Fabric, Crafts, Household ltems, Bed,
Clothes, Gas Lawn Mower

77. 113356 Fri: 12:30-7pm_Sat: 9-7pm Sun: 9-7pm
Boys/Girls Clothes 5-10T, Tools, Toys, Furniture

78. 11341 Fri: 9-3pm Sat: 9-3pm
Household, Boys Clothes 5-7, Girls Bike, Women's
Clothes XL

79. 11357 Fri: 10-4pm Sat: 10-4pm Sun: 10-4pm
Household Items, MOVING SALE, Clothing

80. 11418 Fri: 9-3pm Sat: 9-3pm
Bunkbeds, Dog Kennel, Women's Clothing, Nascar's

81. 11427 [Venmo] Fri: 5pm-7pm Sat: 10-2pm Sun: 12-2pm
Household Items, Furniture Pieces, Women's Shoes
Size 8/8.5, Women's Clothes Size 4-6 & S/IM/L

82. 704 Fri: 8:30-5pm Sat: 8:30-6pm
Boys Clothes 1-4 Ages, Small Children’s Toys, Lawn Tractor
Sweeper, Lot's of Boys Shoes from Baby up to size 10

83. 771 Sat: 9-5pm
General Household

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