Strong spirits: remember... then follow


Photo: Virginia State Parks, First Day Hike Photo Contest

There are at least two general things that Jesus wants us to remember, but only one thing that he wants us to focus on going forward. All of these can be found by reading chapter 21 of John's gospel. I encourage you to read it!

First of all, he wants us to remember how powerful he is, and all the mighty acts he has done, both in the Bible and in our lives. What has he done for you?

Second, he wants us to remember our frailty, and our tendency to mess up. He reminds Peter of how he (Peter) had denied him (Jesus). He also graciously extends complete forgiveness to Peter for that failure. And he offers the same to us for our failures. They are bound to happen, but must be dealt with.

Finally, the one thing he wants us to focus on is him as we go forward. He says to his disciples and to us "Follow me." The only way to do that well is to keep our eyes, our hearts, and our minds on him all the time.

The resurrection wasn't the end but the beginning. Jesus invites us to follow him into a very needy world, and to transform it by his love.


Besides serving as pastor at Caledonia Congregational Church, Gary Schwerin is the Spiritual Development Minister for the YMCA of the Rock River Valley and Executive Director of Bridge Ministries of Rockford. Prior to launching Bridge Ministries, Gary spent many years in leadership with Young Life. His columns appear here every Sunday - to see them all, subscribe to our daily email.

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