New thrift store, "Just A 2nd," opening in Roscoe on Saturday


Rebecca Tsimonidis, a former teacher at Hononegah and Boylan High Schools, will fulfill her lifelong dream of opening her own thrift store, Just A 2nd Thrift Boutique, on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

Suppose you ever need to buy some affordable clothing or clean out your closet. In that case, the new thrift store, Just A 2nd, will give you a place to do that while benefiting the community at the same time.

Just A 2nd is located at 5077 Edgemere Court between Jessica’s and Imperial Palace, offering a new thrift store where anyone can purchase and donate second-hand clothes and items.

The store aims to sell affordable clothing and items to the community; however, Rebecca will also be donating a share of the store’s proceeds once a month to local charities the customers want to support.

Inspired by her grandmother, Catherine, Rebecca has always wanted to open her own thrift store due to her love of thrifting.

“We would go to Salvation Army almost every weekend,” Rebecca said. “It’s a lot of fun. It makes things more accessible. If you like to wear new outfits every day, you can. It’s not as expensive as buying something full price.”

Proud of owning her own thrift store, Rebecca is also proud to give it a name her grandmother came up with.

“My grandmother always wanted to open a thrift store too,” Rebecca explained. “She [Catherine] said, ‘If I ever open a thrift store, it will be called, “Just A 2nd,” because they are all second-hand items.’ That is where I got the name from.”

However, before being ready to open the store, Rebecca understandably had her fears.

“Not knowing if it’s going to work out, if I’m going to have enough inventory, if it’s a good location; just all the unknowns. It’s a little bit scary,” Rebecca explained.

However, the lifelong dream started to become a reality during the middle of the pandemic when she decided to move on from teaching. Rebecca began to dedicate her time to owning her store, and excluding a one-week vacation, Rebecca spent at least 10 hours a day preparing to open her store.

“It’s a lot of preparation, and I have a newfound respect for business owners because I had no clue what I was getting myself into,” Rebbeca said with a laugh. “Some good things do come out of the pandemic.”

Even though the store is ready to open, Rebecca is always accepting donations.

“If you ever need to declutter your closet, just ask Becky,” she said with a laugh.

Just A 2nd Thrift Boutique is ready for business, and Rebecca is thrilled to welcome the public on October 1.

“I am just really excited,” Rebecca said. “I hope I see everyone receptive and happy to come in. Come share my excitement.”

Looking for more info? Contact Rebecca at:

Just A 2nd Thrift Boutique
5077 Edgemere Court
Roscoe, IL 61073


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