A long road from the Fiji Islands to Roscoe


Reshma Singh, immigrant from Fiji, now owner of R.S. Homecare in Roscoe.

The Fiji Islands seem like a world away from Roscoe, IL, not only in miles, but in lifestyle and opportunity. Roscoe resident and businesswoman Reshma Singh immigrated to the United States from Fiji in 2004. She fell in love with America. The family arrived a few at a time. Her brother came first, then her parents, followed by her children. All are now settled in California with the exception of a daughter who remains in Fiji.

Since her arrival, Singh has made the most of becoming an American citizen.

Singh is the owner of R S Homecare LLC, an at-home health care business based in Roscoe, a business that provides skilled or non-medical care for individuals who choose to stay in their homes rather than live in an assistant Living or nursing facility.

Singh opened her business in Roscoe in 2019, after working several years as a caregiver in California. She saw the opportunity to start her own healthcare business in Illinois. She pulled up stakes in California and moved to Roscoe where she opened R.S. Homecare about one year ago.

Singh currently employs 10 caregivers who work part-time or as a live-in helper. Most are Fijian, coming from California.

“When my employees have a day off or a few hours off, they stay with me in my apartment. It works out very well.”

“I love America,” she said. “If we want something, we work for it. People here in the United States are free to go wherever they want.”

“I grew up in Ba Town in the Fiji Islands. Life in Fiji is very hard and very expensive. If you don’t own land, you can’t do anything.”

“I would never have had enough money to start a business in Fiji,” Singh said.

Singh said the process of becoming an American citizen took five years. “It’s been worth it.”

Singh visits her siblings, children, grandchildren and parents in California on a regular basis.

She goes back to Fiji as often as she can. Her daughter and granddaughter remain there.

Singh said she loves her work, “I have worked in several different businesses, but taking care of clients in their homes is something I love doing.”

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