Applications being accepted for vacancy on Hononegah school board


The resignation of Fred Hasse (R) leaves a vacancy on the Hononegah School Board.

Fred Hasse has resigned from the Hononegah school board, and the school district is now accepting applications for someone to replace him. 

The appointee would fill Hasse's unexpired term, which ends in April 2023. School board president David Kurlinkus and vice-president Mary Lewis will be up for reelection next April as well. Board members Katie Littlefield, Eric Flohr, Bob Geddeis, and Jim Minard were elected in April 2021 and will serve until 2025.

Prospective school board members must be familiar with the school board's policies, have lived in the school district for at least a year, not be a child sex offender, and not have any conflicts of interest or hold any incompatible office. They must also be over 18 years old, registered voters, and citizens of the United States.

The deadline for applications [PDF] [Google Form] is Wednesday, April 6 by 3:00 p.m. The vacancy must be filled within 60 days of Hasse's resignation.

After reviewing the applications, the board may invite candidates to be interviewed during a closed session of the school board meeting. They will vote on the new board member during an open meeting of the board.

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