Hononegah math team wins 1st at regional competition


The regional math competition was held virtually throughout Illinois.

The Hononegah math team took 1st place in the Regional ICTM Math competition which was held virtually. The state finals will be held on April 30, says Hononegah's team coach Mrs. Janet Kagan: "Due to COVID restrictions, the State competition will not be at the University of Illinois. All coaches will administer the state tests in their own buildings."

Hononegah won 1st place in 3/4 of the content areas: Algebra 1, Geometry, and PreCalculus. Hononegah teams placed first in two events: Fr-So 8 Person, Calculator. They placed second in the Oral Competition - we previously said they placed first.

A total of 24 "mathletes" will be competing in the state finals. Regional medalists include:

  • Freshmen: Justin Hodges, Kyle Smyth, Joshua Stubbs and Gracie Wang
  • Sophomores: Jacqueline Chen, Sean Patel, Mekenna Gibson, and Benjamin Michael Cooper
  • Juniors: Austin Kirwin and Casey Bohn
  • Seniors: Joseph Kasel, Sebastian Wysocki, Ryan Yang, and Maxim Zubic

Algebra individual scores
2nd place: Justin Hodges
Tie for 5th: Gracie Wang, Ellie Loch, Kyle Smyth

Geometry individual scores
1st place: Jacqueline Chen
4th place: Sean Patel
Tie for 5th : Benjamin Michael Cooper and Mekenna Gibson

Algebra 2 Individual
1st place: Austin Kirwin

2nd place: Joseph Kasel
Tie for 5th: Sebastian Wysocki and Ryan Yang

Overall team placement for individual tests - (sum of top four scores)
Algebra - 1st place -Justin Hodges, Gracie Wang, Kyle Smyth, Ellie Loch
Geometry - 1st place - Jacqueline Chen, Sean Patel, Benjamin Michael Cooper, Mekenna Gibson
Algebra 2 - 3rd place - Austin Kirwin, Jason McAllister, Casey Bohn, James Dugan
PreCalculus - 1st place - Joseph Kasel, Ryan Yang, Sebastian Wysocki, Maxim Zubic

Team events
Fr-So 8 Person Team - 1st place - Jacqueline Chen, Sean Patel, Mekenna Gibson, Benjamin Michael Cooper, Justin Hodges, Gracie Wang, Ellie Loch, Joshua Stubbs
Jr-Sr 8 Person Team - 2nd place - Joseph Kasel, Ryan Yang, Brayden Smith, Maxim Zubic, Austin Kirwin, Casey Bohn, Jason McAllister, Wolfgang Vergara
Calculator Team - 1st place - Ryan Yang, Maxim Zubic, Casey Bohn, Jacqueline Chen, Gracie Wang
Oral Competition - 2nd place - Joseph Kasel, Sebastian Wysocki

Several students, such as Wolfgang Vergara, Maxim Zubic, and Casey Bohn also played instruments and/or sang in September's Hononegah's Got Talent

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