Rockton-Roscoe News reporters visit Hononegah journalism class


Hononegah Highlights is produced by the high school's Newspaper Club.

Michael and I spent an hour at Hononegah Community High School a few weeks ago with Mrs. Linda DeYounge’s Introduction to Journalism class. What a fun and interesting experience for us and, hopefully for the students.

The class was made up of about 30 sophomore boys and girls. Some said they were taking the class because they were possibly interested in some type of writing career. Others were in the class because they were curious about writing or editing a newspaper. Several students were active members of the Newspaper Club, which produces Hononegah Highlights, including editor-in-chief Jacqueline Chen. Other staff members are Hayden Sularz and Annalise Schmidt.

With a little prodding from Mrs. DeYounge, the room warmed up and questions started flying. (Michael says, "The class became a news conference, with the students as reporters and the reporters as interviewees. At least we never said 'No comment.'")

Some of the questions: What is your educational background? How did you get involved in journalism? What type of stories do you like to write? What is the most difficult part of writing for a newspaper? ("Deadlines!" we both answered.)

Students were curious as to how Michael and I got started in journalism ("Not immediately," says Michael) and what type of work we enjoyed the most ("Getting to know people, even for obituaries").

Michael has a double role as writer and editor of Rockton-Roscoe News. My position as senior correspondent means I just write articles and take pictures. As editor, Michael puts it all together.

Journalism involves learning how to write news stories, editorials, reviews and articles of interest to the community. It involves interviewing, identifying and avoiding news bias and learning the fundamentals of
writing in a journalistic style.

Michael told the students that Rockton-Roscoe News would be interested in possibly publishing information or articles authored by journalism class members.

Hononegah junior Indigo Sterud is currently a volunteer photography intern with Rockton-Roscoe News, taking photos at events around the community.

Mrs. DeYounge has invited us back into her journalism class next semester. Michael and I are both looking forward to the opportunity.

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