A fine business on Main Street Rockton that you don't need to visit


The company at 116 and 118 Main Street in Rockton is run by nice people, but it isn't a shop or a restaurant. In this photo, its mirrored windows are reflecting the brick walls of Rockton Food & Spirits across the street.

Rockton is famous for its quaint shops and restaurants, but not every business on Main Street fits into either of those categories. One example: the mirrored-window building at 116 and 118 Main Street. It has no sign and you can't see what's inside, so even local shopkeepers are mystified about what it is. The building says "MASONIC 1908" but it doesn't house the local Masonic lodge.

We talked to the owner, Jason Glidden, who is a local guy, and he solved the mystery for us. It turns out his businesses - and he owns several - aren't retail establishment, bars, or restaurants, and have no walk-in customers. Glidden's main businesses, eCom Elite Consulting and W.C. Distribution, provide business-to-business services, helping other businesses manage their online businesses. They don't provide business-to-consumer services, such as selling beer, antiques, or pedicures. Glidden and his team are friendly people when you talk to them, but their mirrored windows keep passers-by from peering into their offices while they're trying to work.  

W.C. Distribution describes itself as a "US-based wholesale distributor of manufacturer-direct products with a wide variety of categories," offering over 20,000 quality wholesale brands. In fact, not only do they not have walk-in customers, their website specifically says they "support an invite-only customer base." These clients are high revenue e-commerce businesses, resellers on their own websites as well as 3rd party platforms. But they add, "We also support the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin market of Commercial/Industrial businesses with the sourcing of Tools, Hardware, Accessories, Safety Equipment, and Project Materials." In other words, their warehouses in Elgin and Joliet provide services to businesses who sell to other businesses. Now, if you personally need Tools, Hardware, Accessories, Safety Equipment, or Project Materials, you can always get them at Rockton Hardware. They have everything.

eCom Elite Consulting offers online store management and wholesale inventory automation, store health and recovery services. Glidden says on their website, "We saw the gaps left by other automation and store management groups, so we committed to offering an entire suite of services built on the best management staff in the industry." Many of their clients already have stores on the Amazon or Walmart platforms, or are planning to open them. eCom Elite Consulting and its sister companies help their clients through the application process, showing them how to meet the tough standards, and making it more likely their stores will be approved. They offer complete online store management services, including inventory, supply chain, taxes, and shipping.

Glidden is also a partner in Glidden Holt & Associates, an e-commerce business focused bookkeeping, accounting and tax service company. 

Glidden isn't the only successful high-tech entrepreneur in the Stateline area. Tim Storm, the co-founder of RockTek Workspace, was previously the founder of Fatwallet, which had 2009 revenues of $12.3 million. Storm sold Fatwallet in 2011 to Ebates, now part of Rakuten

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