Baker's dream: a solitary hummingbird


Photo: Pat Mannino, Fatt Cat Cafe

4:30 a.m. The back garden remains half lit through the night thanks to two spotlights set high on the corner post of the 1920’s addition. A room I imagine once did service as a summer kitchen. 

Part of my morning routine, a small luxury that I hold tight, coffee mug in hand, for precious minutes I allow myself time to stand, to stare, to be. This particular morning just outside the window, mere inches, not more than thirty six total, a solitary hummingbird, jeweled in both color and sheen, feverishly works with no notice of my unexpected intrusion, determinedly darts plant to plant, sampling columbine nectar as if it were fine wine. Moving, darting, momentarily poised for mere seconds to sip, suspended midair by blurred wings. a miniature creature, magical in nature. They come often to this part of the garden, they never cease to amaze me. Transfixed, I stared until eventually she moved from my line of sight. 

I went up to the kitchen to work. Somehow this mushroom cottage cake came to be. Perhaps a place a hummingbird might like to call home.

Rockton writer Pat Mannino is the owner of Fatt Cat Cafe in Rockton, where she makes cupcakes and hosts special events. To place an order, call her at 815-624-2832 or email

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