Hononegah school spirit sparked at 2023 Purple and Gold Festival


The Hononegah marching band performed during the 23-24 Purple and Gold Festival at Hononegah Community High School on Friday evening, Aug. 14, 2023.

Hononegah Community High School's spirit was sparked at the 2023 Purple and Gold Festival on Friday evening. Aug. 14, 2023

Music played in the background as coaches, the HCHS marching band, sports teams, dance and cheer squads lined up in a parade heading to Kelsey Field in the 29th year of this super fun tradition.

Starting off the evening's action, a series of games served up the best in competition. Outside on Kelsey Field, all levels of soccer kicked up fun challenges.

Jeff Schelling announced the event step by step.

Superintendent Mike Dugan welcomed everyone to the event. “Last year was our 100th celebration of this building. I think that the next one hundred years will be even better.”

“We had a wonderful back to school night,” Dugan added.

Principal Chad Dougherty welcomed students, parents, athletes, and the staff.

Dougherty introduced members of the Board of Education, administration, staff and new teachers.

First to be introduced was the Board of Education: President Dave Kurlinkus, Vice President 

Mary Lewis, Secretary Robert Geddeis, and members Eric Flohr, Jim Minard,

Gayle Haab and Evan Schoepski.

HCHS Board president Dave Kurlinkus inspired with his words. “We have the greatest section in the conference. We must acknowledge that everything that takes place revolves around us having top students and top athletes.”

All HCHS alumni stood to be recognized, each showing great pride in this fact. Former faculty and staff and all who serve our country in the Armed Forces or in any branch also stood to be recognized.

“One student, one supporter and one staff member makes a difference and keeps the legacy of HCHS going,” Dougherty said.

Principal Dougherty introduced this year's administration, including Andrea Linder, David Lombardi, Associate Principal Kathy Eckmann, Director of Human Services Kendra Asbury, Director of Buildings and Grounds David Berg, Finance Director Justin Krueger, Cara Pirrie- Assistant Principal of Student Services, Athletic Directors Andrew Walters and Steve Cofoid.

It was announced that this would be Steve Cofoid's last Purple and Gold Festival as he is retiring.

Sean Mohler is the Performing Arts Center and events manager. Erika Edgar is the administrative assistant to Superintendent Dugan.

Joining the administration is Andrew Miller as assistant principal and Steve Zelten as dean of students.

New faculty are Michael Chiodini - Social Studies, Zach Davidson - Science, William Elliott- Social Studies, Kate Hansen- Special Education, Taci Juno- School Counselor, Zak Lampl- Physical Education, Anna Lawlor- Building Substitute, and Amanda McCoy- World Language (French) teacher.

Dougherty asked students and parents to challenge each other in great fun. The parents side were challenged to yell the word, “purple” as loudly as they could while students yelled out the word “gold.”The volume rose on both sides with each turn that was taken. It was determined that the students emerged as winners of the challenge.

Voices came together in a chant following Dougherty's lead. Dougherty said, “We Are” with the crowd responding, “Hononegah.”

Senior Gabe Kohl kicked off the rest of the celebration with a powerful rendition of the National Anthem prior to first time performances.

The school song was played by the HCHS band and was sung by the crowd.

Princess Hononegah, Senior Amelia Tallman, performed her first routine of the school year.

Freshmen, sophomore and junior varsity cheerleaders performed high energy routines, some mixing tumbling, dance, jumps, and stunting. Catchy, fun dance routines came to life with the talents of JV, varsity dance teams and the Indianettes. One routine combined all of the dance teams.

Levels of difficulty varied and captured strong attention while watching each high energy routine.

Football scrimmages rounded out a full night of spirited fun.

Throughout the night the crowd had a chance to pick up pork chop sandwiches, an old favorite of former Booster Clubs. The group had disbanded but a brand new Booster Club is up and running at HCHS.

The 2023-2024 school year was welcomed with a fully spirited Purple and Gold Festival!

The Hononegah marching band performed during the 2023-24 Purple and Gold Festival at Hononegah Community High School on Friday evening, Aug. 14, 2023.
Cheer teams created a stunning tripod.
The girls golf team had fun before taking the parade route onto Kelsey Field.
JV and varsity dance teams performed high energy routines.
The Indianettes captured great attention in a fun and catchy routine.

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