Another week of Painting Camp at Jill Rae Finally Art


The kids enjoyed a four day camp filled it with fun, friends and art.

In another edition of Jill Rae Finally Art's painting camp, the young students had four days of painting lessons that included canvas paintings, alcohol inks in Yupo paper, and watercolors. 

The class is mentored by the instructor Cassie Branecki, who has been teaching classes at JR Finally Art and RVC's Whiz Kids for the last two years. Before joining the gallery, she taught art with the Young Rembrandts program in the local schools.

The gallery will have more summer camps in the following weeks. Next week is Sculpture Camp for the younger kids and Multi-Media Camp for the older kids.

On the camp's first day, the kids started their first work of art working on a canvas, creating a Mario-themed version of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Later that day, the kids voted to paint sea turtles and dogs during the camp with different techniques. 

The first look at their Starry Night paintings before finishing them.

On Day 2 of Painting Camp, the kids finished their canvas paintings and drew out their turtles to start their next artwork.

The young artist made a layout for next day's turtle painting

On day three, the kids used alcohol inks in Yupo paper to bring their turtles to life, when it comes to working with alcohol inks, Yupo paper is the best, as it doesn't absorb the ink as traditional paper does.  The result is vibrant and intense colors that appear to float on the paper, creating stunning abstract designs and patterns

Finished work of sea turtles on Yupo paper with alcohol inks

Day 4 of Painting Camp: The kids finished up the foxes they had started the previous day and had time to do a watercolor painting of their favorite dogs.

The last painting the kids made at camp was a watercolor of their favorite dogs

After the summer camps are over, homeschool, afterschool, and Saturday programs start in September. These will be on drawing, mixed media, and an art club, registration is open.

Click, tap, or swipe on the image below for a compilation of the artwork that the children made at the painting summer camp:

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