Two police officers celebrated for 20 years of service to Rockton Village


Rockton Police Chief Matt Hollinger gives a challenge coin to Officer Penny Cure while Sergeant Justin Jobst looks on.

Rockton's Village Board celebrated and recognized 20 years of dedicated service from P0lice Officer Penny Cure and Sergeant Justin Jobst during the June 20 meeting.

As family, friends and the community looked on, Rockton Police Chief Matt Hollinger gave the background of both honorees.

“Officer Cure and Sergeant Jobst are each celebrating 20 years with the Rockton Police Department. This is quite an accomplishment, specifically the way that police are viewed these days.”

Officer Penny Cure attended the State Police Academy in Springfield in 2003. “Not surprisingly, she received the physical fitness award for her class,” said Hollinger.

“Early in Officer Cure's career, she volunteered to be a school resource officer and a D.A.R.E. instructor in the Rockton School District.”

She was awarded the Rockton Lions Club and American Legion Officer of the Year Award in 2008. Not long after this, Officer Cure was asked to be the School Resource Officer at Hononegah Community High School.

Officer Cure planned and executed many K9 searches at HCHS in an effort to prevent drugs from entering the school.

Cure is a member of the Rockton Police's A.L.i.C.E team which trained civilians, school staff and students in how to respond to an active intruder situation. This training went beyond the school but also into neighboring jurisdictions and businesses.

“Today, Cure continues to educate students, senior citizens, and the general public as she has always been comfortable in this setting, and always represents our department so well,” Hollinger said.

“Most of all, throughout Officer Cure's career she has received so much deserved praise from our schools and the community. She has a gift of making people smile and quickly building relationships within our community.”

In past years, Cure gave generously of her time at Rockton Fire and Police Department bike rodeos. Cure also joined Rockton Police Detective Sergeant Kiza Davies in presenting safety seminars over the years.

Sgt. Justin Jobst joined Officer Cure at the Illinois State Police Academy. “Had he attended another class, I am sure he would have won the physical fitness award,” Hollinger joked.

“Sgt. Jobst caught on rather quickly and became a very proactive officer with traffic enforcement.”

For many years in a row, he led the department in DUI arrests and received certificates of appreciation from the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists on multiple occasions.

In 2012 Sgt. Jobst was presented with the HERO Award in Springfield, IL by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for his enforcement efforts. “From information that has been gathered, Sgt. Jobst removed roughly 250 intoxicated motorists from the streets of Rockton,” Hollinger said.

In 2006 Sgt. Jobst won the Rockton Lions Officer of the Year award.

On Tuesday evening, Sept. 19, 2017, Sergeant Jobst was presented with a lifesaving award by former Police Chief Steve Dickson. After receiving a call, officers arrived to find a woman threatening to jump off the Blackhawk Bridge. Jobst's quick actions saved her life as he picked the woman up and over the railing onto the roadway where she would be safe.

Jobst's department has continued to excel under his leadership as a great sergeant.

“Sgt. Jobst has assisted as a field training officer and has trained roughly over 20 new police officers. Other than three of our current staff, Sgt. Jobst has trained all of them, “Hollinger said.

Jobst is a member of Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS), which is a mutual aid law enforcement team in Illinois. ILEAS has been active for more than a dozen years.

Jobst has assisted Chicago law enforcement with protests on two separate occasions.

Sgt. Jobst has been a member of the Northern Illinois Police Memorial Honor Guard for the past 19 years.

On Sept. 15, 2017, Jobst was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in a moving ceremony held at the Old Stone Church. He was sworn in by former Rockton Police Chief Steve Dickson that night. Then-Deputy Chief Hollinger was Jobst's first time supervisor.

Jobst quickly became a Field Training Sergeant and a General Training Supervisor. He is currently in charge of the department's Incident Management Systems.

Hollinger commended Jobst's management at the previous weekend at the Old Settlers Days festival. “He did a fantastic job and he made my life much easier,” Hollinger lauded.

Jobst and Cure have also participated in past Law Enforcement Torch Runs and at Polar Plunges. Both have also taken active roles in supporting the Rockton Police Association and the Blues and BBQs event at Settlers Park in Rockton.

Chief Hollinger presented Officer Cure and Sgt. Jobst each a challenge coin signifying 20 years of service.

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