Floberg donates building to Village of Rockton


Photo: Goldie Floberg

After more than 50 years in Rockton, the social service organization Goldie Floberg is donating its iconic building at 58 West Rockton Road to the Village of Rockton. It is moving its administrative offices to 4960 East State Street in Rockford. 

Founded as the Children’s Convalescent Home in 1927, the non-profit organization was renamed "Goldie Floberg" when it moved to Rockton in 1970, in honor of Mrs. Goldie B. Floberg, a determined juvenile probation officer and children’s activist who identified the Rockton location and helped arrange for its acquisition. Before that, the building was the E.J. Dalton Youth Center, where local bands played, including members of what later became Cheap Trick.

The agency focused on helping children and youth with intellectual developmental disabilities. But as best practices evolved, those children moved into community integrated housing (group homes) a decade ago. With no children living in the building, such a big facility was not needed.

“A lot of memories have been made in this building, that is for sure,” said Floberg president/CEO John Pingo. “But the cost of the utilities, maintaining, and improving the facility gave us a clear vision that we would move our administrative staff to a smaller location.”

The Floberg board of directors approved the gift of the campus to the Village of Rockton at its February 28 meeting. “The people of Rockton and the surrounding communities have been so good to Goldie Floberg - and the people we serve -throughout our years,” said president of the Board Scott Krowczyk. “We are committed to leaving the property in good hands with a great future and couldn’t think of a better recipient of the gift of this campus than the community itself.”

The former Goldie Floberg Center on West Rockton Road (WinGIS)

The Village of Rockton is planning multiple uses for the community building, which is on the corner of Dorr Road. One use will definitely be additional Village administrative offices.

“We are grateful to Goldie Floberg for this gift and appreciate the additional space we will be able to afford certain departments,” said Village Mayor John Peterson. “After some renovations, we plan to have space available for community use too. Additionally, we know the Village is in desperate need of more small-scale neighborhood parks, so one of our top priorities is investing in the passive recreational potential for families.” The property is well-landscaped and the large building is set back from the corner.

In the years the facility was open in Rockton, dozens and dozens of babies, children, and teenagers were housed and supported at the site.

Today Goldie Floberg is still dedicated to helping children, teenagers, and adults with intellectual developmental disabilities in 33 counties surrounding Rockford, Illinois. Through community living, adult learning, employment services, and additional enrichment, Goldie Floberg empowers and enriches the lives of all people served. They enhance the lives of their clients by giving them opportunities and the ability to make choices to build their lives of purpose and fulfillment. More information can be found at GoldieFloberg.org.

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