Rockton school art show tapped into best of nature


In Rockton, Whitman Post Elementary School and Rockton Grade School took visitors on an art journey to national parks.

At  Whitman Post (WPES), 515 students created 1,500 art pieces. Each made three projects.

Inside Rockton Grade School (RGS), another 1,000 hanging collaboration projects, plus another 25 different pieces, could be viewed. RGS students are in kindergarten, first or second grades. Mrs. Graves is the art teacher who worked alongside students to produce special artwork for the show.

Celebrating the fact that the show was on May Fourth, one wall at RGS was dedicated to Star Wars, featuring images of Baby Yoda, designed by first graders. Part of the Baby Yoda project was done to teach ways to use different shapes. Trapezoids, circles, triangles and ovals were used to shape the character.

As art lovers entered the doors of WPES, they found a backdrop with the words, “Welcome to Redwood Forest.”

Right after guests passed through the forest entrance, they saw a lifelike black bear with a fish in its mouth, a deer made out of heavy and specifically shaped pieces of wood, and a detailed bison.

Ruby Adams was the creator of the bison. Fourth grader Dane Carbough made the bear, and fourth grader Colin Schrader amazed all with the deer.

Art teacher Dan Enderle explained why the theme of National Parks was chosen for the 2023 art show.

“My niece is from the eastern coast. I wanted to find ways to integrate all of the beauty we have here in the United States. This show reflects our take on national parks in the United States.”

Art pieces filled the walls of both schools. Paintings, sketches, 3-D pieces which included clay pots and other full scene creations, or complete scenes using plastic animals or full nature scenes. Various pieces of art were hanging from the ceiling.

Fact sheets featured bobcats and other wild animals. At RGS, paper plates had pictures of cows, pigs, lambs or ducks on them.

Life cycles of butterflies were shown by using written facts, listed in order on each layer of paper.

Construction paper art included ladybugs, sunshine and other natural beauties. Tissue paper wreaths represent planted trees and ways they are useful.

In a separate room,  a hands-on Virtual Reality experience was a fun way of learning about nature and national parks. Students had the opportunity to learn through stereo photos and lessons shown in a View Master.

Always a hot spot, the WPES 3-D printer was in action, capturing great attention.

First grade substitute teacher Mrs. Susan Jobst gave an overview of how “The Brilliant Butterflies” came together.

Raindrops were created to demonstrate how plants need to grow with the use of soil and sunshine. “Raindrops were made out of Super Glue. The Super Glue was put on paper and glitter was added., using a combination of dark and clear colors. These were then pulled off of the paper and applied to a piece of artwork.”

During break times from checking out all of the neat artwork, young and young alike enjoyed, “Cactus Juice” or “Ocean Water,” (both with colors to match the names of Hawaiian Punch) and other snack foods, served by WPES principal Mrs. Forsythe and RGS principal Kindyl Etnyre. Each principal was joined by students in serving refreshments.

Students at Whitman Post Elementary School and at Rockton Grade School displayed amazing works of art at the 2023 Art Show on May 4, 2023.

Right after entering the Redwood Forest, visitors saw a bear with a fish in its mouth, a bison complete with details, and a deer made out of wooden pieces.
First grader Tommy Schneider created a depiction of Baby Yoda at Rockton Grade School.
Charlee Pfeifer held up her piece of artwork.
A group of students and adults visited the art show.
Fourth grader Dominic Meyer displayed the 3-D snake he created.
Damion Lynch was held up to his artistic picture.
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