Re-elected Talcott Free Library Board members ready to continue


Talcott Free Library

of the current Talcott Library Board members ran for reelection on April 4. 

After results came in, Dan Garlow, Terrie Garlow and Bob Geddeis will remain in this all-volunteer position, filling three of four available seats.

Dan Garlow has been on the Talcott Library board serving a portion of a four year term prior to running in this year's election.

Instead of being elected to the board, Garlow was originally appointed. Garlow filled a vacancy with the intention of staying only until the next election, but she decided to run again in the 2023 election.

Garlow served on the board during the library's expansion and is a strong proponent of the expansion of providing facilities for public use.

Garlow ran to help ensure that the library runs its best and to improve community resources.

“I like being on the board, and I want to help secure the future of the library,” Garlow said.

Terrie Garlow serves as Treasurer of the Talcott Library Board and has been a member for two terms, a total of four years; prior to running again.

Garlow was first approached to serve on the library board after she lost a bid at a school board election. “I wanted to be involved in improving our library,” Garlow said.

“My vision would be for the library to continue to advance its free programs it offers to the community and to continue to offer wide and diverse opportunities that are current with the changing demands of our world.”

“The library growth and services it offers are amazing, and I enjoy seeing how the library grows along with the community, and how it changes and adapts with what it encounters,” Garlow adds. 

Garlow is also involved in the Rockton Lions Club where she has teamed up to chair or co-chair the Wimpy's Fund Auction. As a member of Hononegah Woman’s Club, she has served as the past secretary, and currently is on the publicity committee.

She also is on the Milestone Human Rights committee. She also worked on the Talcott referendum committee.

Bob Geddeis was originally appointed to serve a two year term due to the resignation of a previous member of the board.

“This will be my first full year term on the Talcott Library Board of Trustees.”

“I have a sincere interest in the education and intellectual development
of our young people. What better ‘free’ and accessible education
is there than the local library,” Geddeis said.

“I’ve lived in the Rockton area for more than 20 years; however, due to my career as an international business executive and extensive international travel, I did not have the opportunity to become a real part of the Rockton community,” he adds.

“Upon retirement one of my goals was to remedy that, and this service will contribute to that personal goal as well as bringing my business experience to bear on the continued success of the library.” 

Geddeis' vision for Talcott is to help review, develop and bolster the library’s strategy.

“My goals for the Talcott Library include providing access to information and resources, promoting literacy and education, fostering community engagement and social cohesion, supporting cultural and artistic initiatives, and ensuring the long-term financial and operational sustainability of the library,” Geddeis said.

“To achieve these goals, we need to ensure the establishment of a clear mission and vision for the library that aligns with the needs and values of the community. They should also work to develop policies and procedures that support equitable access to resources and services, as well as promote intellectual freedom and privacy rights.”

“The library should continue to engage with the community through outreach and programming efforts,
collaborate with other local organizations and institutions to leverage resources and expertise, and regularly evaluate and assess the effectiveness of library services and programs.”

Geddeis will serve a four year term. He also serves as a member and secretary of the Hononegah High School Board of Education and is also on the board of directors of the Illinois Association of School Boards.

Various board members have worked directly with Talcott Library director Megan Gove since 2015. There are no term limits for board members. Some have served and given as much as thirty or forty years to this community service. 

The Garlows and Mr. Geddeis will join director Megan Gove, president Gary Kovanda, vice- president Alicia Ragaller, secretary Loren Floto, and member Aimee Floto on the board.

The library board is seeking to find a willing person to fill an open seat that will be available when Alicia Ragaller's term expires. She chose not to run for the other open seat as she may have to move. She will be appointed by the board until she can determine whether she will be remaining in the district.

The new member will be appointed and officially voted into the vacant seat by the board.

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