Stephen Mack Middle School Class Act brings down the house


Stephen Mack Middle School teachers portrayed superheroes as part of the Class Act program. This year’s Class Act was about being a hero in everyday life.

After a three-year COVID hiatus, the popular Stephen Mack Class Act Assembly is back. Beth DeVries, a counselor at Stephen Mack Middle School (SMMS), produced and directed the program. This year’s popular event was held Oct. 27, in the gymnasium. The theme was about heroes, both make-believe and real.

The Class Act brought hundreds of students to their feet for a raucous hour of music and excitement in honor of real-life heroes in the Rockton area.

The program started out with legendary super heroes, portrayed by teachers at SMMS. Sixth grade teacher Mark Schroeder, dressed as Batman, drove a Batmobile into the gymnasium. Wonder Woman, DeVries, dropped down from a second-floor balcony onto the floor. Several other teachers, dressed as super heroes, had the students on their feet roaring their approval as the song “We Need a Hero” played.

After the warm-up, DeVries invited three real heroes onto the floor and thanked them for their service and commitment: Amber Martinez Johann, a nurse at SMMS, Justin Jobst, a Rockton police officer who served in Iraq, and Frederick Fultz, a former teacher and bus driver at SMMS.

“The world is suffering right now. People need a hero.” DeVries said. “Today’s super heroes are no longer working alone. They work as a team. We all need each other.”

“Some people feel unimportant. They think they don’t matter. Get rid of that lie.”

“The student body at SMMS is a team made up of all of you,” DeVries said. “We all matter. We all have a role to play.”

Then it was time to honor SMMS student heroes, the students who demonstrate kindness and are willing to go the extra mile to help others.

About two dozen students were applauded as they were called to the floor and presented with “Hero” tee shirts.

School Counselor Beth DeVries, dressed as super hero Wonder Woman, drops to the floor from the balcony at Stephen Mack Middle gymnasium during the Class Act. DeVries went on to talk about real heroes in the community and the importance of being a hero and working together. Class Act programs stress combating bullying, values and kindness.

SMMS sixth grade teacher Mark Schroeder, undercover as Batman, rolled onto the gymnasium floor. Several teachers dressed as superheroes warmed-up the large crowd of middle school students. Teacher Luke McMillan, as Superman, stands nearby.

Stephen Mack Middle School teachers who were part of the Class Act program. This year’s Class Act was about being a hero in everyday life.

Bottom row, L to R: Jenessa Feduccia (Rey from Star Wars), Beth DeVries (Wonder Woman)

Top row: Monica Way (Spiderman), Jeanna McAffee (Chewbacca from Star Wars), Kristen Grimes (Captain America), Leah Carter (Black Widow), Penny Lee (Ironman), Mallory Lewis (Supergirl), Mark Schroeder (Batman), Luke McMillan (Superman), and three from Stranger Things: Deanne Kelly (Eleven), Paige Ryan (Dustin), and Stephanie Bennington (Eddie).

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