Hononegah High School's Strategic Plan outlines goals, now and in the future


At recent meetings, Hononegah Community High School leaders have unveiled a strategic plan complete with many ideas that have already been implemented. HCHS lives by this mission statement: “Hononegah strives to create a safe, inspiring, and inclusive atmosphere where students become thoughtful scholars, responsible citizens, and effective leaders through quality educational experience- Scholarship, Citizenship, Leadership.”

An action planning team has come together to brainstorm ideas that would best fit the school and the overall Rockton community. The overall process of the Strategic Plan has been ongoing for over 10 years.

Volunteers who serve on the Strategic Planning committee cover different sectors of the community: school board members, HCHS staff and administration, parents, students - some now alumni, leaders from organizations, teachers who serve as coordinators, and community members. The team has worked throughout last spring and the summer developing new proposals for the next five years.

Out of a series of meetings, five strategies were developed. Academics are a top priority. In the plan, Hononegah's academic programming and instruction will be diverse, engaging and appropriately challenging for all students.

Recent actions taken to enhance educational doors include plans for a food lab which is expected to take two years to complete. Improvements are being made in the Special Education area.

Different course-related interventions, guides and selection processes add to an already positive learning environment.

Keeping the facilities top notch was determined as another item of importance.

Hononegah will provide and maintain facilities and resources to meet all academic, activity and student requirements. Most recently an irrigation system for the stadium and practice fields was added. A chiller engineering study is going to be conducted. The water softener is being replaced, along with boiler repairs. An electric door sensor project, window film installation, and classroom door locks which are on order are all part of building improvements. A new scoreboard was gifted to the school and graces Kelsey Field.

Hononegah has resolved to provide an environment with experiences for all students to become scholars, citizens and leaders. Starting out the new year, freshmen were able to get a jump start on their “First Day.” More than 40 clubs and representatives from around 20 of those clubs  allowed freshmen to meet those students.

“Our goal is to get 100 percent of our freshmen involved,” Principal Chad Dougherty said. A military wall honors veterans who are alumni. Incubator education is another example of ways that students can experience something unique and memorable.

Community partnerships will grow by building and maintaining mutually beneficial community partnerships with all stakeholder groups.

Hononegah Nations (the feeder school districts) collaborated with the Stateline Chamber of Commerce on the New Teacher Breakfast that was held on Aug. 11. Of 85 people in attendance, 51 new teachers were in this group. “It was fun welcoming them back and seeing all of the good will that came from the teachers,” HCHS Principal Chad Dougherty said of the event. Leaders from villages and towns joined in welcoming new teachers.

Another partnership is with the Hononegah HOPE Foundation who works with the school every year to provide support for extra educational opportunities. This year they are adding to Homecoming fun through different actions.

An alumni newsletter allows former students to stay connected.

As always, safety is a top priority. At Hononegah a safe learning environment that promises respect, appropriate behavior, and self-discipline for all. A Raptor Emergency Management system, emergency plans and equipment fit into this circle of importance along with CPI training for staff. Additional emergency defibrillators are ready in case an emergency arises.

Parameters have been set and within these, Hononegah will be student centered. Collaborative decisions will be based on research and available data. Input will be sought from stakeholders. An environment will be created that promotes school improvement and innovation. Keeping the reputation of HCHS alive, school leaders promised that a high quality education will be provided while making fiscally responsible decisions.

The school believes that Hononegah is a student-centered academic institution with a primary focus on learning. Establishing strong relationships and fostering positive mental health allows students to learn at their highest levels.

Collaboration, communication and partnerships are key to all initiatives. Students deserve a safe and welcoming environment in which all identities, needs, and interests are valued and supported. In commitment to continuous growth and improvement, Hononegah must prepare students to think critically, understand, communicate, and to contribute now and in the future. Hononegah is and must remain a community and regional asset. Student involvement in activities play an important role in the school experience.

Objectives of the plan are: 

  • The district will regularly communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders. 
  • All students will graduate in four years. 
  • All students will exceed local, state and national standards. 
  • All students will receive appropriate instructional and behavioral interventions that improve academic and social-emotional outcomes. 
  • The district will ensure a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. 
  • All staff and students will participate in co-curricular/community service activity. 
  • All students will attend school daily. 
  • The district will maintain fiscal responsibility. The district will maintain buildings, facilities and grounds. 
  • All students will have continual guidance and support to develop course and career plans aligned with their post secondary goals.

HCHS remains strong on keeping the layers of the strategic plan moving and growing.

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