Rockton Yeti Fest: Snow Ball


Photo: TK

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7 - 10 p.m.

Tickets: $20 per person on Eventbrite. The price includes one well drink, appetizers, and all you can dance (is that a thing?)

Did you ever wish you could go back in time and relive a high school dance, complete with the tacky decorations and questionable clothing choices? If yes, here it is! If no, tough - someone is probably making you anyways.

Join us for the first ever Rockton Yeti Fest Snow Ball, a final capstone event to four days of celebrating winter and yetis in Rockton. But what exactly is this Snow Ball?

Imagine walking into the American Center, but instead of seeing the typical reception set up, you are transported into a high school gym. The decorations look like they've been done by a bunch of teenage volunteers. You're dressed in your high school year's best, coolest attire - or the decade you wish you were in high school - or your typical flashy self's best wares. You find your group of friends and huddle together, the boys and girls actually mixing because unlike middle school and high school, these Snow Ball attendees have been lubricated by alcohol from the cash bar available on site. 

The dance floor is full of solid dance moves and questionable ones alike because Dirty Pop is singing all your high school favorites from 90s, 00s and before and after. A little bit into the dance, you and a handful of other attendees are awarded a prize sash with distinctions such as "Best Hair" and "Best Dress". 

You get hungry later, and you order some delivery from a local Rockton restaurant and snack on others' leftovers they brought in from dinner. Above all, you are having fun, dancing, drinking, talking and laughing with friends. You deem it the best dance ever as you and your friends walk away at the end of the night.

If this sounds fun, then ask your significant other to this dance (cute proposal or not). If it doesn't sound fun, buy a ticket anyway and tell everyone how "lame" it was while rolling your eyes.

American Legion Post 332
221 W Main St.
Rockton, IL 61072
United States

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